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Swamp of Sadness - The Neverending Story

One of my Uni projects was to redesign Characters and Environments from The Neverending Story. I chose to redesign them for a potential 3D Animated film C:

This is a redesign of the Swamp of Sadness. Atreyu is finding his way out after losing his horse, the torch lighting both the way and signifying his hope.

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Really, truly AMAZING!
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Wow, this is one of those paintings where it looks so real that I almost think of it as a photo, but at the same, if you look you can see some of the brush strokes. I love that effect, it reminds me of wlop's stuff. 
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I did use a bark texture for the big tree which helps a lot with his effect! Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! (And I'll look up this wlop person, they sound interesting!)
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I'm surprised you didn't put in Artax sinking in the swamp, but I'm really impressed with the picture!
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We have to dokey moments from the story this term (I drew this in the previous one) and I thought I'd be smart and save Artax for that so I can draw the Swamp again! (Cause I really like the location x3) Thanks for the compliment! C:
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i love this movie XD
and i remember how sad that scene was
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Ikr I cried so hard
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ahh relatable Huggle! 
MokkaQuill's avatar
Yeah it really was :'D
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you are welcome
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really gorgeous :) the atmosphere is wonderful!
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Ah thanks so much! I tried really hard with that x3
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This looks amazing! ;o;
MokkaQuill's avatar
Ah thank you so much!!
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No problem!!♡
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That rocks! I was just trying the explain the never ending story the other day to some who had never heard of it .
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