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Evolution of Hunter! 2008-2019

Been wanting to do this for a really long time and finally was inspired to do it after some of my friends were talking about their oldest characters and sonas ;u;
This guy's been through quite the ride over the years! Originally wasn't going to add the accessories and just do the designs but decided it'd be fun to try and add them in c:

2008: This was back when I did art only traditionally and not digitally, so Hunter's design was originally created using Balto screencaps... thus the heavily Balto inspired markings... After a little while I added some scars, his fangs, changed the inner ear and schlera, and eventually Hunter became his own design all together and was no longer a Balto copy, yay (but still very bright neon yellow oops)! Added some scars along the way based on an old OC story I originally had made for him before he became my official fursona... Kinda went a little overboard with it but it stuck for a very long time!

2010: After a bit of peer pressure, I "split" Hunter into two versions so that the OC version was still male but my fursona was technically female... Changed the colors so that they appeared a bit more golden yellow and not as bright neon! 

2011: Added the bat wings as part of Hunter's vampire side and their schleras could now shift between black and white depending on their emotions!

2012: Was getting a bit tired of Hunter's design... This was the only reference of Hunter ever made where I did not draw it and instead it was drawn by a good friend of mine! Small little alterations were made to the neck and leg markings as well as the color of the scars. And some necklaces were added, inspired by ones I had irl. The schleras also officially became black and no longer white.

2013: Finally revamped Hunter's design more. I made the colors less saturated and a tad bit lighter, extended the neck marking so that it covered the whole back, raised the leg markings higher, added more white markings, made the wings the colors of his coat rather than black, and changed Hunter's scars so that they were more similar to mine irl. This was also when I added the shackles as an accessory! 

2016: Said to hell with peer pressure and Hunter finally reverted back to male officially. Changed the way the back/neck marking was drawn a bit and added a few more accessories (deathly hallows necklace, skull bandana, bandages). 

2019: Added back Hunter's vampire bite scar and a new scar around where his wings grow in/out. Also changed the bandana logos to Bastille Wild World and Florida Gators!

Overall really happy of my progress so far! Looking back at those old references made me realize how much I've improved through the years. And hopefully many more to come!!
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