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SNK/AOT OC: Arlo Huckaby (yr 850, clothes sheet)

 Wohoo! I'm on the mood now to talk and be carefree now more, no worries!
This is the finished Clothes sheet of teen Arlo. I know it looks simple and bland but I'll probably add fancy rendering and background I already came up with when I'm done with his expressions and complete guide sheet.
That's not all tough, I am busy doodling his 4 year time skip as well which might be hard and as tiring as this one, wish me luck!La la la la 

#1- Arlo in undies and the base for this. He has a lean yet kind of toned build due to training in the military and his outdoorsmanship.
No 6 pack, I deem it unrealistic since he's a bit lazy and I feel like that build is used to much in anime, sorry ladies! The Bishop Laughs  

#2- Geared up Arlo with straps. No jacket or the skirt or the boots.

#3- Arlo in complete trainee uniform. Also seen in the turnaround I drew for him.

#4- Arlo with complete gear and cloak. It is also his outfit in the Female Titan arc. The boxes and swords were very hard to draw but it looks decent!

#5- Arlo with thunderspears in the Battle of Shinganshina arc. I also found this extremely hard to draw but worth it since I put so much effort and attention to detail tough it's far from being perfect ^^

#6- Arlo in winter uniform, probably in the YumiKiru flashback. From looking at pictures up in the internet of that scene everybody had different boots than the regular so I tried to copy it here.
Also, he's blushing because it's winter! 

#7- Arlo in the gala trench coat the scouts use after the Battle of Shinganshina when they are about to receive the bolos from Queen Historia.
He is injured from debris and has life long scars in that battle which I plan to show in his time skip ver.
He also recently confessed he's feelings to a long time crush, but I was to lazy to make new expressions lolz

#8- Arlo's casual outfit. He is very simple and does not care that much about fashion like almost all men do.
Usually rolls up his sleeves and wears boots. Also, he wears the same indigo/deep blue shirt he uses on anything military like

#9- Arlo's outfit when he's with Connie, Ymir, Historia, Bertolt and Reiner in Utgard castle.
I was originally going to draw him with gear like in that scene where Connie and the rest confront the titan gang, but I'm already way to detailed and scrupulous, it might turn to a disaster!
But that idea might be used for a few illustrations about action poses here and there.

#10-  And finally! Arlo's squad Levi outfit. Gun he is using from this new pose is from Terminator 2.
I just thought it'd be really cool because the way Schwarzenegger reloaded that shotgun was frigging awesome and made my panties drop xD
Might use this idea when I'm on the mood to animate again.

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