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AOT/SNK OC: Pat Kucken (yr 850, expression sheet)

Hiya!! em back. Don't know if people still use DA but I love how you can post higher quality stuff here than resize them on IG, I miss everybody now :( (Sad)  

Here is Pat's expression sheet for her teen design. 
I kind of didn't want to post this because I wanted to finish her clothes sheet first, but here we are.

I mostly used  Jean's expression sheet Also, Ymir's as well for reference for this. In WIT it is 7 expressions for a character but in MAPPA it is 9 ^^
Hardest parts were almost every face here, especially the front, except for the side view and the 3/4 since all I had to do was make them bigger and sharpen them since they were blurry (I know I'm lazy LOL)

I'm sorry if my lineart looks shaky and unclean here, drawing with your fingies on mobile is so hard, plus this is my first time doing a expression sheet! So maybe go soft on me on the comments hehe...
Lets hope I'll get better cause I have to do 5 more of theese ;)
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