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ok people time to make propaganda…

happens that ive appeared for 3 instants in national georgraphics Tabu Latinoamerica.

by the way ill continue ti upload every work ive done. basically this years proyects are ilustrations. however il continue to draw stuff. also this years drawing VI is going to be a performance so, ill upload the pics if i ever do it and the procedual drawings.

also for my cosplay portfolio im searching some one who has a nice camera form making some photoshoots of all my work (since i dislike all those blurred, moved pics that people took me at cons.) you still can see them at facebook:…

or my profile…

currently im helding an exposition Naturaleza y Psicodelia where Moka´s etchings are being exhibit.

oh by the way im planning 3 cosplay proyects for this year,
Finally! I ve uploaded pics of works from January-May of 2010. These 1st examples consists of my work in Eching and some drawings,enjoy!!. Then, if the skies wants so, my camera will be fixed up and i can continue my registry labour and I will bring you more of my works.
again im in the process of uploading all works form this semester that has ended.

in this new uploads you will find a nice selection of phography both traditional and dogital, drawings (which are large so ill have to take pictures of each deatail separately), and traditional printing.


if you are interested in any piece, all of them are for sale, so ask me.
Hi everyone!
im just beggining to upload all my most recenet works from this semester (january- to the present day jaja) so all you can apreciate my works done for the classes I had this semester such as Introduction to Color, Photography, Drawing II, Visual Studies, and of course some random "non collegue" works.
Hope you like them and sorry for some low quality pics...:(