Peacful Manipulations Vol: V

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:lightbulb: The idea of this news is a Peaceful Collection of art, which captured me and my feelings while I was Saleing through DA.

Le secret de la campagne V2 by LordManas Les Uns Contre Les Autres by emilieleger Looking at moons by Arctosis Generation by Lemmy-X Nurture by Emerald-Depths Tree in glare by twuone
the world from an other view by shades-of-art broken promises by blue-a Rebirth of earth by EmbrisionArts:thumb152304048: lux aeterna by ayaz-yildiz
Winter by pkritiotis Endless Journey by houk Luce by angelitonegro Dying World by Arctosis In My Solitude by RoadioArts Lulling Waves by Emerald-Depths
:thumb149327952: The magical scene by matinl90:thumb108557581: Glow by Emerald-Depths:thumb153795240: Lost of pride by BaDe3
Reach The Sky by negm933 If you lost everything Final by D4rK3N

dyingbeauty by reesy1080 Frozen by ZiiZii-RocK Lucia Di Lammermoorr by its-eeleqqtroozzerCh:thumb152536724: the dreadful season.. by PakinamElBanna peacock by hellmarry
Nightlight by aninur:thumb121319124: without heart by VesnaSvesna Claro De Luna by TitusBoy25:thumb152717734:
Brunnen der Stille by VenjaPhotography when the levee breaks by justangel:thumb152652747: When Evening Falls by Methyss Possibly Maybe by angelmuse Autumn Wind by Juli-SnowWhite
Despair by flina:thumb153014662: Game of Life by flina:thumb146768047: Let Me Come Home by emilieleger
Endless Dream by ForestGirl:thumb153274826: Just Breathe by nine9nine9 Neaera by lateralusSPIRAL:thumb142380462:
Anywhere by IrisVampyria in a hidden place... by adunio:thumb103587202: Alicia by IrisVampyria
Giggles by flina Love is Blind by Canankk Vision Quest, 9th Moon by nine9nine9 Confidence by fiorendina Faithfulness by sevengraphs
:thumb148663230: Morning by flina where mind goes free by igreeny why does my heart feel so bad? by BaxiaArt

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Amazing selection! :clap:
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gracias amigo :hug:
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My great pleasure amigo :hug:
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Thanks so much for featuring me with these beautiful works!
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Thank you so much for the feature, truly appreciated! :bow: :love:

Great selection! :thumbsup:

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Thank you so much for the feature. :aww:
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:heart: memnuniyetle
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Thanks so much for the feature :thanks:
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Thank you so much !!!
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Thank you so much for the feature !!!
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Beautiful, Thanks so much for the feature:hug:
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my pleasure brother :hug:
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Thank you so much for the feature
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Wow!!! Their so amazing.thankyou for including my work:)
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Thank you so much for the feature
i.m amongst great artist's

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