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hallo...my shop it,s looking for a persons with strong drawing skill interested in learn tattooing ...we need that he/she lives in berlin and have enough time to learn and practice...it,s a great opportunity and i promise that i teach all the tricks that i know...
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are u still looking for a potential artist?
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nope...i have to close it

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should i move to Berlin?
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damn to bad i live in the Netherlands :(
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i would love to. can you tell me your facebook profile so I can send you my portfolio.
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the position its already filled..thanks
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OH WAIT............. Misunderstanding... 'Apprenticeship' like education ("Ausbildung") or someone who is already professional?
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Ausbildung...i already send you a message on facebook
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yeahhhhh...come please...arrange your portfolio and come one day...i think you could be perfect!
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......I told you once that I would love to become an tattoo artist one day and I am working hard on my autodidactic education and to start a folder with good and different references... But wow.. Now I am getting nervous. :XD: ...I would so much love to start an education as tattoo artist and even in Berlin and with your team! But I don't know if I am good enough or if you see enough talent in me to develop in other drawing styles than manga/ anime..

*doesn't know what to do* :blushes:
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