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There are a lot of photos that I've put up on my website: but hadn't gotten around to uploading to DA yet.  I've been busy with life and such.  I just wanted to thank everyone for all the favorites I got tonight uploading them, way more than usual, I really appreciate it and love to know what you all think of them.  

The set with Crystal was my first beach shoot and was popular for obvious reasons, a hot girl in a bikini.  I had a great time, Crystal was great to shoot with and tons of fun.  I really like how these photos came out as well.  I tried out a couple studio shoots in between but I really love getting outdoors and playing with our surroundings.  Crystal was a trooper climbing over rocks and getting in the cold water (the shoot was on a cloudy day in March).

The other set was from an even longer time ago, with Ashley in December.  That was a really great location at the graffiti hallway.  For once I actually named my photos since the titles were written on the walls for me already!  It took me until a month ago to go back over this set and really do all the editing I wanted.  I was also spending time on school and working on my new website and gallery.  

Leftover I still have a few new edits from my shoot with Jacky and 2nd shoot with Melanie and 3 new sets with Briana (twice), Kathleen, and 4 Samba Dancers.  So expect many more new photos in the next few days.
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Submitted on
June 12, 2011