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I got in 3 portfolio shoots last week and despite the harsh summer heat and light I'm really excited about the results. I shot mostly with my new Canon 50mm EF f1.8… and really liked the speed of the lens. I had to ratchet the ISO all the way down because of the light but I mostly made it work.

My first two test shoots were at Balboa Park w/ Rodsyl Vega & Katie Baer. I shot around the rose garden, Alcazar Garden, and Zorro Garden. In between shoots I also played around with a new set of cheap macro filters… taking some pictures of flowers in the garden.

Rodsyl Vega:
Rodsyl 01 by Moisl Rodsyl 02 by Moisl

Katie Baer:
Katie 01 by Moisl Katie 02 by Moisl Katie 03 by Moisl
Post-processing for Katie's photos has mostly involved experiments in a lot of color filters to warm up the images.

Next, the bigger shoot was at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum w/ Nevaeh DiLaurenta and MUA Danielle Verde. We had to start around 1PM to finish by the museum close at 4PM so it was hot, 90+ degrees. Neveah grew up in the South so she was perfect for my "Farmer's Daughter" with a dash of pin-up vision. She also just finished shooting for a pin-up calendar. When it comes to editing I'm mostly going for a warm, slightly washed out vintage look with a deal of contrast and some saturation adjustment.

Nevaeh DiLaurenta:
John Deere by Moisl Studebaker by Moisl Commander by Moisl The Passenger Side Door by Moisl

I'm going to try and start detailing more of my post-production process here on DA some so any suggestion for techniques would be awesome.
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Submitted on
August 24, 2011