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I just got back from my 2nd beach shoot and I'm loving the photos so far! We started after the sun fell past the horizon and have some really great orange sunsets. We finished up in the darkness using a tripod on the rocks. Unfortunately I forgot my remote at home so some of the background lights on the far shore are blurred.  Next time I'm going to have to try some more long exposures and shoot with the shoreline in the background. I could probably even catch the awesome bio-luminescence of the red tide we have going on right now:…
I've been experiencing with my editing techniques lately. While, I don't do any major retouching I love to add contrast & color. Since I shoot in RAW, I also tweak the exposure and color temperature, and work with the contrast and color filters using GIMP. Here are a few samples of editing from my most recent shoot. On version left is the original jpg image, a little bland for my taste; and on the right is my edited version.

The technique is really simple and I like how it dramatically changes the mood of the image.  You just take a solid color layer in front of the image, select a layer mode, and adjust the opacity. I use a variety of colors: Purple (#ac65b3), Blue (#509aff), Orange (#ff6400), Green (#006644), Yellow (#f3d355).

To vary the effect adjust the layer mode: multiply or overlay will add the color to the image, screen will add color and slightly wash out the image, and subtract will remove that color from the image. I find that the subtract filters are the toughest to work with but I usually use them with a green layer to add some red to warm up the image.

Rosemarie 03 Before-After by Moisl Rosemarie 04 Before-After by Moisl

For this particular shoot with Rosemarie, who recently moved to San Diego from Cuba, I liked how the warm colors fit in with the sunset. Clouds kept interrupting the sunlight forcing me to use a flash so it helped to bring back what was lost of the natural light. I also tried cooling down some of the night shots but couldn't quite get the feel of it. I think I'll need to experiment with new filters for that. I should get another chance at a nighttime beach shoot soon though, hopefully while the moon is still full.
One of my next projects is going to have to be to learn how to do these:…

Basically they are just animated gifs with the animation screened to only a certain section so that part of the image is frozen while the rest moves. I love the effect! Right now I've got 2 ideas in the works. The first idea is for a couples shoot by the beach cliffs. I want to try and capture longing gazes like this awesome shot:… and maybe them standing still with the waves coming in. The other is a basic bedroom glamour shoot and I'm thinking about having the model breathe slowly, run her hands along her lips, collarbone, chest, that sort of thing.
I got in 3 portfolio shoots last week and despite the harsh summer heat and light I'm really excited about the results. I shot mostly with my new Canon 50mm EF f1.8… and really liked the speed of the lens. I had to ratchet the ISO all the way down because of the light but I mostly made it work.

My first two test shoots were at Balboa Park w/ Rodsyl Vega & Katie Baer. I shot around the rose garden, Alcazar Garden, and Zorro Garden. In between shoots I also played around with a new set of cheap macro filters… taking some pictures of flowers in the garden.

Rodsyl Vega:
Rodsyl 01 by Moisl Rodsyl 02 by Moisl

Katie Baer:
Katie 01 by Moisl Katie 02 by Moisl Katie 03 by Moisl
Post-processing for Katie's photos has mostly involved experiments in a lot of color filters to warm up the images.

Next, the bigger shoot was at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum w/ Nevaeh DiLaurenta and MUA Danielle Verde. We had to start around 1PM to finish by the museum close at 4PM so it was hot, 90+ degrees. Neveah grew up in the South so she was perfect for my "Farmer's Daughter" with a dash of pin-up vision. She also just finished shooting for a pin-up calendar. When it comes to editing I'm mostly going for a warm, slightly washed out vintage look with a deal of contrast and some saturation adjustment.

Nevaeh DiLaurenta:
John Deere by Moisl Studebaker by Moisl Commander by Moisl The Passenger Side Door by Moisl

I'm going to try and start detailing more of my post-production process here on DA some so any suggestion for techniques would be awesome.
There are a lot of photos that I've put up on my website: but hadn't gotten around to uploading to DA yet.  I've been busy with life and such.  I just wanted to thank everyone for all the favorites I got tonight uploading them, way more than usual, I really appreciate it and love to know what you all think of them.  

The set with Crystal was my first beach shoot and was popular for obvious reasons, a hot girl in a bikini.  I had a great time, Crystal was great to shoot with and tons of fun.  I really like how these photos came out as well.  I tried out a couple studio shoots in between but I really love getting outdoors and playing with our surroundings.  Crystal was a trooper climbing over rocks and getting in the cold water (the shoot was on a cloudy day in March).

The other set was from an even longer time ago, with Ashley in December.  That was a really great location at the graffiti hallway.  For once I actually named my photos since the titles were written on the walls for me already!  It took me until a month ago to go back over this set and really do all the editing I wanted.  I was also spending time on school and working on my new website and gallery.  

Leftover I still have a few new edits from my shoot with Jacky and 2nd shoot with Melanie and 3 new sets with Briana (twice), Kathleen, and 4 Samba Dancers.  So expect many more new photos in the next few days.
I've been pretty inactive here because of school but I should be doing a lot more shooting over the next month.  I've gotten some studio work in this past week and I have a lot more cool ideas planned in the weeks to come.  I've also pretty much finished my personal portfolio site .  I'm really happy with it and Now I just need to start putting up more of my photos.  It should be a good month!
So, I'm working on the photos from my second shoot with Melanie, my first model with my DSLR.  I think I've progressed well technically, I didn't wind up with as many out of focus shots and I"m having a hell of a time picking out my favorites to post here.  Of course Melanie makes that even harder by being gorgeous and a fantastic model.  We got lucky with some really cool locations as well.  We shot at Heritage Park which is a collection of preserved Victorian style buildings in Mission Hills San Diego.  The best buildings were a synagogue and the small room with a desk an chair.  I'd love any critiques of the photos to see how others feel I've progressed.
I got a bit sidetracked with work and other things this summer but I'm going to be shooting a lot more this month.  I've already had two great shoots this week out at Balboa Park and Lake Miramar on a couple fishing piers.  There was definitely a technical improvement recently.  All of these photos I have now should also help me to improve my editing as well.  I'm going to try and do more creative effects as well so stay tuned.
I've just recently gotten more serious about improving my photography and have worked with a few models.  It has been a great experience so far and I think some of the photos came out great.  But I definitely want advice and comments so let me have them.

I'll be posting a lot more photos from my shoots in the near future.