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TOSART wallpaper

By moiramurphy
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Another star trek wallpaper.
Illustrator & Photoshop
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Very cool! An excellent use of illustrator and Photoshop! the lines are really smooth, and the shading and textures are amazing! my new wallpaper no! it's good that I have dual screens, so I can admire it while I'm on the web :)
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This is absolutely amazing!! My favorite 3! The swirls and detail textures are out of this world!!
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This. Is. Amazing.
Not only is the concept and colouring surrealistic and wonderful, but I love it when anyone represents Jim Kirk as the intelligent, thoughtful person he really was (and not just a pretty-face-cum-All-Purpose-Brawny-Captain). Beautiful!

PS I'm watchin' you. :D
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This is really good. I'd totally use this as a wallpaper. I just love the fact that it brings out the Holy Trinity's relationship for me even though there's no words & just images
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I think I want this for my next wallpaper! :D
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you are amazing :D
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Hi Moira this is Enda here, remember me, the dude with the glasses, im on this aswell. Thats a very very nice and really cool picture. What software did u use to create this stunning piece of artwork? I love it!!!
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Wow, it's amazing!
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It's my wallpaper now. Thank you! :heart: It's can't be more awesome
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my new wallpaper YES!!
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It's absolutely gorgeous!:heart:
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I absolutely love this!! I think it'll stay on my desktop for a while haha. But I relly appreciate the illustrator skill. Great Job. ^__^
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wonderfullissimo !!!
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Simply awesome :0
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Beautiful love the nostalgia in it :+favlove:
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this is a very very cool thing!
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Oh my goodness!!! That is AMAZING!!!

I love Star Trek, and this is honestly one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen. GREAT job! :)
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New wallpaper =) first one to fit, no less!
Absolutely gorgeous.
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I've recently become a TOS fan and wallpaper fiend that I am, I snatched this beauty up to further my fangirlishness. It's brilliant!
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