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TOSART: Tribble Trouble

By moiramurphy
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The final instalment in my spoof movie poster series.
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© 2007 - 2021 moiramurphy
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My favorite Trek episode EVER!
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Ha ha ha, brilliant, thank you!
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Just looking at this makes me chuckle. I love this episode.
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Great poster, nice composition. May I enquire what the font is you have done the Tribbles title in?
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I love it!!! :heart:
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Great Work .. :D ..
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cool but what does vexel mean
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These are so cool! And of course, I love Tribbles ^_^.
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5/2/8/11 #Screeners poster of the day Facebook [link] and Twitter @dascreeners
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This is my favorite TOS episode! Lovely poster for it :D
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jajaja, just perfect!!!!!
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"This is my chicken sandwich and coffee!" :iconrotflplz:
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I want this on my wall! tee hee hee!
I love Star Trek way too much. ;P
Awesome awesome job
"But of course I.. am...immune to...- ahem"
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Haha, this is SO cool.
Well done sir.
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It worries me that it is Rated R. D:
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I love this series, if I haven't noted before. I still think you should fill out a Top Ten but that's just me. Lovely fan-smart art.
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Aww.. Scotty shoulda been in this one. BUT ITS GREAT ANYHOWZ!! X) These spoof posters are fun, and I love the "produced by SOME GUY, written and directed by SOMEBODY" xD Why is it rated R??? Hahaha. Because of the scotch and vodka drinking, and the bar fight I suppose... ;D
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Oh I love this!
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wow, these posters are so great :) And they're made really well; I love them :D
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I love this whole series
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