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I so *totally* didn't spend the evening making this...
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This is definitively beautiful~ The Spirk feel~
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I just love this.
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Im in love with this!!
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I *totally* didn't save this on my Computer and used it as my new desktop background...
OMG..wait..I did!
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Star power!!!...*snickers* Sorry, the thing coming out of emblem reminds me of care-bears for some odd reason. Spock is looking quite devilish, I wonder what he's thinking about while he stares at the Captain...*eyebrow wiggles*....Either way, awsome pic!
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this is beautiful ;w;♥
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Of course you didn’t :) And I totally didn’t just spend 5 minutes straight staring at it with my jaw hanging :D
But seriously, it’s amazing! :heart:
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Totally and absolutely AWESOME!
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Oh! This is my favorite by far!! You've captured them so perfectly! This is now my wallpaper :D Do you allow anyone to make icons as long as they credit you? This would make such a lovely one.
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You just made me start shaking in my seat.

I :heart: you. You made my night complete.
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Finding this made my Valentine's Day. It's wonderful, and I love the style, and thank god there are still people out there shipping the original verse.

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Beautiful. Freakin beautiful.

I enjoy many thing about this picture, but I REALLY enjoy Spok's "come hither" look. It's very win.
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This is amazingly well done! Definetly one of my top favs now.
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I like Spock's pink eyes!
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Very sweet...Ain't Spirk just the best addiction??? Easy to fav,my dear...easy!
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whhhhhattt. This is crazy good. xx
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oh, you're my hero *o*
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It's a damn well spent evening. That's for sure ^-^
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Fantastic design, would make the best book cover ever! :)
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