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TOSART: Kirk and Spock 3

By moiramurphy
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Yet another trek wallpaper. Will it ever end?
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All of your Star Trek stuff is pure gold. I love the colours, the composition; the whole vibe. This is wall-worthy art.
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Love it! And go phaser rifle!
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This wallpaper rocks my world! :iconmeteorplz: It's just that awesome. ;-) :+fav:
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Noo, don't stop!
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Wow, awesome work. (:
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i wish you'd photoshopped the correct ranking indications on their sleeves..... but it's great XD
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that would make a badass shirt design!
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This is amazing!
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Hopefully it won't.
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Some day, I shall use this.
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Ooh. Insta-fav. MOAR! 8D
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"will it ever end?"

please no
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Your work is fantastic! Such a great sense of composition, and your color palettes are so sophisticated! And Star Trek RULES! :)
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Thanks so much!!! Star Trek really does rule :)
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I agree... don't stop the Trek wallpapers, especially the ones with Kirk and Spock! (goooooo /<3! lol) *cough* Anyway, this is awesome. You do *fantastic* work with these... oh, vectors. Well, at least I know what they're called now (I had to hunt on the page). *facepalm*

And it's also pretty cool because I recognize the pic! I used to have it on my wall (I tore it from an issue of TV Guide). Hmm, I should go find that, lol. :XD:
moiramurphy's avatar
Ahh! Cool! Well, in that photoshoot, Spock's hair was really strange, so I had to change it. I wish I had a trek poster, yeah, you really should go find it!
Again, thanks for the lovely comment (took me ages to find out what a vector was too- I only started doing this kind of stuff 3 weeks ago!!)
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Noo!!! Dont stop!
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Okay! I won't stop. But I've got to slow down a bit coz I've got to go to stupid art college soon!!
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Stupid? I cant wait my art college to start!
moiramurphy's avatar
Yeah, ok, it's pretty exciting, but anything that takes from my time to draw Star Trek must be stupid, right???
Good luck to you and your art college!!
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Yeah your right! I think I will not have the extra time on playing games when collage starts!:(
Thanks! Its my last year sou when I finish I'm will try to find a job our continue studying!
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Aww, I'm gonna miss playing games too :( It's my first year and I'm really nervous -_- I hope you find a really cool job that lets you play games all the time!!
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