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TOSART: City on the Edge

By moiramurphy
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O, the melodrama.
Spoof movie poster for the episode 'City on the Edge of Forever'. More to come of this variety.
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I really like your work.
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I have not seen it, yet a poster makes a scene terrific, lolj
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Here is Star Trek as it might have been, Star Trek as it should have been, with a realistic portrait of a future in which man takes all of his imperfections with him into the stars. Because what Roddenberry failed to see, and what Harlan Ellison tried to show him, is that the imperfectability of man does not preclude the doing of great deeds, either individually or collectively. What matters is what do you do with the bad apples once you discover them, and what checks and balances do you put in place to handle the occasional lapses that occur even at the level of command.
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Great, awesome and sensitive job !!
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#Screeners Poster of the Day 5/9/12 on Screeners Facebook [link] and Twitter @dascreeners
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Great Work .. :D ..
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I would have said something about how awesome this entire thing is, but I got distracted by that stray lock of hair on Jim's forehead...
...and then even more distracted by his neckline. Oh dear.


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One thing I might suggest. Instead of the "generic" red element to enclose the chararcters, I'd use the Guardian itself and some of the ruins, faded, so that the characters stand out as they do now (keep the red, just use the Guardian).

Very cool poster!
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OMG <3333333333333333333

This is my favorite ST episode ever!!! :D

Why isn't it a print? I'd so buy it if I ever got the money :love:
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Oh so beautiful, I have seen them around and now finally found the artist!
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This is my favorite Star Trek episode, and I love what you did with the poster.

I'm putting this in my favorites.
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Spock's hat just made that episode for me. XD
I love the font you used for the title! ^_^
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This one is made of pure awesomeness!
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Thehehe, how great is that ^__^
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i love how george takei isn't on any of these xDDDDD
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that actually wasn't intentional, but now that you mention it; I'm glad :)
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Wasn't this season one? Chekov wasn't in it then so shouldn't Walter Koenig not be there? I mean I love him and all...
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you are correct, Koenig should not be in the credits; I just copied and pasted that text from my other poster.

It's not really important, though, is it? I mean, if you look closely under the restricted label it says "something something chicken stew all night long all night"

You can make your own judgement from that.
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Ah. Well I have a tendency to nitpick.

And I totally didn't see the chicken soup until after one of the other comments pointed it out. O:
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That Joan Collins vector portrait is simply beautiful! Great poster.
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A great poster for a great episode.
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VERY GOOD WORK! City on the Edge of Forever is my favorite episode and most polls indicate that it's tops with the majority of Star Trek fans.
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