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This is the real meaning of SCAD
We all know it is true and most say it but not many have gone this far O_O
To all you fellow SCAD student you may be in Savannah, Atlanta, or Lacoste but we all know the truth.
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As a fellow Savannah SCAD student I can definitely relate to this.
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It only gets worse after graduating :)
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cheers to that!
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I've already pulled two all-nighters......... and it's only been like 2 weeks!
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After only 1 quarter...

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:lol: from a freshman that's just learning about the wonderful world of SCAD.
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hahaha So true :XD: I thought I was the only one that didn't sleep much
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my mantra during finals week....

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Bwahahaha don't I know this feeling! And I wasn't even an on-campus student first semester. (I'm moving down for the winter though!) God, first semester was god awful. Every week we had projects and tests and our midterm and final were just worked IN design teacher didn't know WHAT she was doing; it was great. But if this isn't the honest to goodness truth, I don't know what is. Ahahaha.
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Aside from sleep deprivation (totally used to that, I travel a lot), how is SCAD as a school? I'm seriously considering it right now and it's currently my #1 choice, with MICA as the runner-up.

Sorry to bug you, I just like getting inside opinions.
Moi-Dix-Jasdero's avatar
It is #1 in my book. It is the best school you can get for going into the art industry. No joke, if you got the skill they will show you how to use it and make money.
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i wanna have a job during SCAD but will it be impossible?
Moi-Dix-Jasdero's avatar
It nearly is. unless you schedule all of your classes for just 2 days a week like all classes on tue and thur and then ask your job to work with you and that schedule.
At most a part time job
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The way you worded that confused me. @_@

You mean it is possible if I DON'T schedule my classes on tuesday and thursdays?

Then what do I do to make it work?

Solutionsss I nee Solutionsss :iconzimplz:
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Thank you very much! It sure seems that way. I've visited the Savannah campus and it is really fantastic.
Moi-Dix-Jasdero's avatar
It really is. Savannah was too in the middle of nothing for me I went to Atlanta.
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I'm a freshman but I already know this, for it has been work nonstop. I've already pulled a few almost all-nighters to work on projects so they're finished on time. |D
I can only imagine how it gets once a major is declared..
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Ahem to that. I'm actually pulling an all-nighter right now. D:
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It's only been the first week and I already feel like this haha
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