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Resident OS

By MohsinNaqi
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a new year gift for you :)

its an idea, a concept that many artists use so dont jump at me blaming me of stealing or anything, ITS MY OWN WORK ITS A VIRGIN :D

updated 01/03/2006

added compact start panel
improved normal start panel

get the wallpaper from here [link] Blue Wallpaper by The-Definition

and icons from here [link] d3A Big Pack by miloszwl

happy new year and welcome to my website [link]

P.S color schemes will be added very soon

Note: in order to install this theme either download uxtheme multi patcher from here [link] its free

or download stylexp from this link [link] its shareware
© 2006 - 2021 MohsinNaqi
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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What happend to the color schemes?
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Thanks for update : )
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Very cool VS! I love it. :)
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Very clean. Love it.
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Start button icon is ok. Icons not too sure about them with this style but they are nice. I'd LOVE a yz toolbar for this. But this is nice and simple. Not too flashy. Maybe a pixel style font could work well with it. Awesome style thought and most of my thoughts arent against it but rather what might work well with it. I like the blue its relaxing actually :D better save this theme for a rainy day ;)
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Pretty awesome!
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i like everything bar the start menu. but i find that with a lot of visual styles. good work
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<- using it now
great work
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what do you think about this ????????//// [link]
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thansk for the new year gift!!
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great job on this
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lovely VS man me loving it :)
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any chance of a matching winamp skin?
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Its very good. Not original but still nice in the resolution. I think I'm going to use it (changing from Royale Luna after a while...)
Like someone said buttons a couple of pixels bigger would be better for aiming.
Titlebar font is not very readable (but its easy to change).
Scrollbars are too "fat" (beveled) compared with the rest of the style, I think they would look better with a subtle, more flat appearance (the current scrollbars can be used for mouse-over states).
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This is simply superb. Can you add the Shadowing effect (not sure how to explain but it is the same effect you get when the mouse over happens on Quick Launch items) on task bar items as well? I kind of not like the plain look on the task bar - I know you've this for mouse over on task bar. They should look separated. Thanks for a great VS.
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awesome. very very nice. thanks for the gift :D im using it now
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I'M using this great VS a day and I just think it's the best VS I've had , wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111
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Wonderful. Will we get a great WB of this theme as well?
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I Realy Like it its COOLL check my screenshoot [link]
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The style is excelent, im not a fan of the colour though.
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nice interface, but eeeeeeew windows :S
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