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Glowing Vista

Glowing Vista Wallpaper

A minimal vista orb logo wallpaper to lighten up your desktop!

Credit for beautiful orb goes to D. Arnaez [link]

Resolutions: 2560x1600 (widescreen) 1600x1200 (normal)

Welcome to my website [link]
My skins collection [link]
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Very-very nice!
rflfn's avatar
Nossa! belos papeis de parede!
Wow! beautiful Wallpapers!

i love the vista logo rock on mate!
badseyboy's avatar
wow..very cool...i have photoshop but its complex...
Mike-Dragon's avatar
FANTASTIC!!! :wow: Awesome work! :lol: :+fav:
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zaighamz's avatar

Thanks for this one.
samiryawar's avatar
Mohsin, thats way awesome wall u have there...

Another countryman keeping the flag high!
rippernkind's avatar
very nice, thanks for sharing :D
DARIMAN's avatar
Great job!!!!!!!!!! I really like it! and thank you by to mention the credits to my work. I appreciate it.
MohsinNaqi's avatar
You are welcome!
mc-cool's avatar
nice color selection, its pretty cool :D
MohsinNaqi's avatar
Cool. I am glad you like it :)
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MohsinNaqi's avatar
krishnanblr's avatar
beautiful wall :)
MohsinNaqi's avatar
Thank you pal :)
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I was just wondering do you still use Vista or did you change back to XP?

I'm expecting my new laptop within a week and I'll get it with Vista, but everyone I know here changed back to XP after a month or so, what do you think?
MohsinNaqi's avatar
I changed back to XP. Vista is good and all but I can't seem to take it seriously :P
mekaeel's avatar

so are you saying you didn't have any major problems with it? programs and everything works fine for you as a developer and a designer?
MohsinNaqi's avatar
Not too many problems. Though, with Aero and all other fancy visual effects enabled, Vista becomes considerably slower than XP with standard luna theme. But then, I always have the option to change back to classic theme if the slowing down starts getting in my way.

I have been running Photoshop CS2 on Vista and it has worked fine, no compatibility issues or slow rendering so far :)
mekaeel's avatar
thank you so much bro :thanks: now I'm not scared any more of Vista :aww:
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