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Vegeta's new form [DBS Manga 74]

I hope you enjoy it !!! :)

Dragon Ball © Akira Toriyama

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Wait is this from the original story!!???

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What is this form please let me know

Its called Ultra Ego

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That's a stupid name they should have called it destroyer mode or God of destruction mode

Apparently Its not even a God Of Destruction

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Still Beerus thought it to him so that's why they should call it that

I was satisfied with SSB Perfected Vegeta

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Blue was already perfected so that would be pointless

Pretty cool. Now the REAL question is. When this becomes avalible in a future sdbh card set. What are xeno goku and vegeta's "answer" to that going to be?.

Limit breaker ss4 = super saiyan blue.

??? = ultra instinct/GoD power

My guess: Super Saiyan God of Destruction

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You don't waste anytime.😆👍

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That is so good dude.

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no eyebrows gives you strength

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I was gonna say where is his eyebrow

I bet no hair gives you strength, also.

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then you look at krillen and tien...oh...

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and now i imagine this with super saiyan 4 limit breaker while goku combines mastered ultra instinct with super saiyan 4 limit breaker

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So far, it seems like you're among the first to make fan art for this form. It looks pretty awesome.

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