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Looks like I'm doing it! I'm running a panel at Ai-Kon called "Intro to Digital Art". Time should be available on the schedule, and I'll update this post when things get concrete.

Attempting art on a new medium can be scary.. but it's really a lot easier than you think! Dip your toes in the water with beginner tips on how to create digital art.

I'll cover tools such as which software and hardware options are available at which price points with a showcase of different methods to get you started! Focus will be on introductory guidance on how to transition your colouring, shading and inking to the computer.

I'll be bringing an assortment of different tablets to the panel and hopefully we can take someone's drawing from the audience to show how fun the process can be!

My art links - and

Hope to see some people there!

Edit : I had a pretty crazy near-instant spike of page views with a quick on-the-mark winner.. followed almost immediately by notes from other people with suspicions / accusations of unfair play of the winner.  Keep in mind, I didn't know any of the people sending me notes.  The spike ended immediately after 15,000.  It feels like it was hijacked and my regular watchers didn't even get a chance to see the contest.

So... I'm just going to cancel this for now as I figure out what to do. 

Push back to some other number?  I'm not sure.


No, I'm not there yet.  It looks like I'm 66 page views away from having 15,000 pageviews.  Paltry, yes.. but I figured it could be an opportunity to find something new to draw!

Whomever sends me a screenshot of my pageviews closest to 15,000 without being under gets a coloured waist-high character drawing of their choice.  Original or fan, doesn't matter.

I copy/pasted these rules from dashofcreativity because she's way better at deviantart than I am.  Seriously, go watch her for better art and fun times!

About the kiriban 

- It will be at 15,000 pageviews!
- When the pageview count on my profile hits 15,000, take a screenshot and then send it to me in a note.
- If you miss the exact number, you can screenshot what you do catch and send me that. If nobody gets the exact number, the person closest will get the prize!
- In the event of more than one person getting the correct amount, the first person to send me a note with their screenshot will win~ I'll update this journal when someone wins!
- You don't have to watch me in order to win.

So, yeah!  That's a thing I'm putting out there.
Siobhan over at dashofcreativity is having a 9,999 kiriban contest and a raffle, and I want in on it!

YOU can get in on it too, if you go to her journal!  Kiriban at 9,999 views (OPEN) + raffle (OPEN)!!

Good luck everyone!
Well, I went and created a Tumblr account.  Mostly because magickfaye is on there and she sometimes reblogs my art.  At least this way it can go back to the source!

Also, I kind of like seeing my stuff in a nice grid.  It's a nice way of browsing my stuff.  Of course I didn't put everything up there.  I think I'll only put stuff I'm moderately proud of (at the time).  In terms of timelines I only went back to like mid 2014.
So I bought Clip Studio Pro when it was on sale for 70% off.  I couldn't say no to $15.00 for a program that mostly does what Photoshop does. 


I'm currently in a little bit of an art slump.  I've done two rough sketches and wanted to try them in the new program. 

Picture 1 -… - Uninspired, I don't like the design of the face or pose. 

Picture 2 -… - I like the idea, really fun.. but not fleshed out in the least. 

The problem is I'm not sure if it's not working out for me because I'm not doing well without photoshop, or because I'm giving myself crap source materials. .. or just because I'm not motivated to do art right now. 

Also, I might be crazy, but I think there's a teeeeny difference in the way that brush strokes are displayed then handled between PS and CSP.  It's like it's overestimating in CSP and I actually need to stroke further than the brush indicator shows. Does that make sense?  I don't know. 

I think I'll just... move that Inktober stuff on over to scraps >.>  It's really just drawing / inking practice on a schedule.

Keeping the category though -…
Finally shut down the comic website.  Shut down the facebook page too.

See you later, characters without names. Or.. maybe it's time to actually unveil their names?
You've seen the fan art, now try the game >.>

My guild, The Fragile Dragons (TFD) is now accepting applications :D
Have you ever been sneaking around on deviantART, and you notice that someone has their profile set to display all visitors?


 photo zoidberg-28_zpse3e6524a.gif
We're trying to revitalize the deviantART group for Ai-Kon!  

A folder has been made for the Aiko submissions (doesn't matter if it's for the mascot contest or not).  There are folders for artwork, literature and photography.  Although maybe there needs to be a separate folder specifically for cosplay photography?

The way it works is that a member of the group submits a piece and it goes to featured.  That's where it gets advertised to the group about a new submission.  After it's seen, an administrator sorts the submissions into their respective folders.  I believe Katie has some ideas for group projects, contests, and whatnot.

Anyways!  Ideas?  More folders?  Less? 

I'm excited to have a place to see the artwork of the Ai-Kon community.
I was feeling quite sick yesterday.  Slept for around 15 hours.  Lots of time spent in bed with the dog (she makes an excellent nurse).

Anyways, when I did get up I was pretty groggy.  I felt like doing some art though. What resulted was something I wasn't that proud of, especially given that I really liked how my last piece turned out.  I churned at it until around 2 am, which is just asking to get sick again. In total I probably put around 4 hours into it. I even cropped it down to reduce the scope of what I was aiming for to lessen the workload.

What I want to know is.. if there's a product that you just don't like, do you guys and girls ever just give up on it?  Or do you just bang away at it until it resembles something you like better?  How much time is too much before moving on to something else?
Who knows what I'm going to do with it.. I figure I'd link to my art that I upload.  You know, for people who might be on my watch list who don't really like using deviantart any more? 

Also, I can be a little more spammy on there without feeling like I'm being disruptive.. cause isn't that what twitter is for?  Not sure how much I'll use it yet.. maybe it'll be dead in a month!
In my last several new pieces, I have been trying to push myself a bit when it comes to costumes.  Not that they're particularly well designed... but I'm trying to not do revealing outfits with every girl character I do.  Just makes for maybe a more interesting character, I think.

I remember when every girl I drew had strapless tops with bare shoulders and cleavage.  .. not that there's anything wrong with that.
So.. I stopped drawing for a while there.  I got into this funk where I felt like all I ever drew were the same old things over and over again.  Stagnating, not expanding my talents.  I didn't try to draw enough new things.  Just witches and robots all day long.

But you know what?  Witches and robots RULE.  I'm drawing for me.  I stopped caring about the content and just decided to have fun instead. 

So, if you don't like eleventy-seven nonsense mecha-witches in a row, this might not be the account to watch >.>
The comic I drew certainly fulfilled its purpose.  The boredom of not having the ka-billion convention planning things weighing down has subsided.  It's been a year since I put the comic on "hiatus", but it looks more and more likely that I'll not be returning to it.  I'm having enough trouble keeping motivation to draw anything at all, never mind a comic :(  I re-read some of my old stuff, and I still find it entertaining.. maybe someone else did too!  I aimed the content management system to be used by multiple blog authors and comics by other people.. but that didn't really happen, sadly. 

The comic started on November 9th, 2011 and the final strip was posted on March 13th, 2013.  Seventy-one weeks of non-interrupted comics weekly, and seventy-six overall comics.  I'm still proud I didn't "miss" a week in the time span.

The site gets a paltry 5 visitors a day, though.. there have been times in the month where someone binge reads through the whole archive.

I'm still using the service to host my Guild Wars 2 guild.. so the site is really only costing me the domain name costs.

I should probably definitely shut down the facebook page, but what about the rest of it?  Should I just shut it all down and archive it all here on deviantart?  Just let it sit up on the existing servers the amount it's up there?  Any suggestions?

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about - >.>
I figure.. maybe it's about time to use my journal as a journal instead of an extended welcome screen.

I've hit my 70th comic, which is pretty crazy when you line them all up end to end.  I'm proud of myself for what I've been able to stick to.  This past weekend in particular was hard to meet the deadline.. but I have NOT ONCE missed a Wednesday since starting the comic back in late 2011.  That's eleven months past Rayne Summer's requirements. Reference -…

A few months ago I changed it so that the comics posted here to deviantart would be without the text.  However, with the introduction of nested folders, perhaps I can have both the dialogue and non-dialogue versions uploaded here!

I'm still not sure what I'm doing with this comic.  I know I'm quite hit-and-miss for jokes.. and the content is VERY specialized.  I don't advertise enough AND it's a finite resource of stories.  I mean, it's not hard to make fun of convention staff, but let's be civil :)  I have a few "must-draw" stories, but we'll see how long I keep it up.

I DO have some real art to colour that is not the comic.. but we've taken a new puppy into our home and it's a bit of a busy time for everyone involved.  She's a cutie though.  

Still, i'd love to do some collaborations if anyone's interested!
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