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Summer is Here but ....

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2018, 9:26 AM
Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons. Of course seasons are kind of strange now going back and forth so drastically. 55 F to 90  F in one day is rather crazy. And add that to the crazy administration we have in the US - ahhhhh SMH.

There is so much to do to make this a better world, to not loose everything and our leadership is ...well rather insane if you ask me.

1. Children should not be separated from parents as a punishment. That is wrong. That is evil.
2. We need to care for our wildlife, it is their balance that makes this world worth living in. All of the wildlife not just the ones that we think are cute. There is a pattern created to balance everything and we just do not pay attention to that important pattern. Shame on us. Whether you think it comes from your god, gods, or Nature it does not matter, keeping the pattern whole and functioning is what matters. Killing beings for the fun of it is evil.
3. Bees and poisons: poisoning the Earth poisons us as well. We need to get rid of the chemicals they are killing us and all wildlife. Putting poisons on the lawn to kill weeds - which are really more beneficial than lawn in the first place - kills bees, butterflies,  fireflies. Fireflies have to live 2 years in the ground capturing bugs we do not want before they fly and mate - which is when they light up our lands at night. Who can think a green lawn is more important than fireflies? Poisoning the Earth to control it to our ideas of perfect is mistaken action and it is evil.
4. We need to care for our waters. All water is connected it is a closed system, if you dump stuff in it over there it eventually ends up over here and all the filters in the world will not make it truly clean again. Our coral reefs are essential to living on this planet and yet we wear sunscreens that poisons them.  And plastic waste is killing our ocean, we are the only beings that create and dispose of plastic. Pollution for money gain is evil.
5. Our children should not be in school learning how to hide from white terrorists with guns. Controlling people by fear is evil.

There is always more. War is evil greed, Bullying is evil power grabbing, etc. We are even running out of sand in our greed to build, build, build. :(

So is this what the human race has come to?

Have we been taken over by our worst selves?

it sure looks like it from here and I am sad and I am angry about all of this.

I get a lot of it we did not know until now, but now we do so i ask who are you? Are you willing to be good for the planet? Are you willing to be a voice for change?

I think we can change the world together, but we cannot wait for someone else to step up because they will not.

It is the Artists who must always lead because we see the clearest. And we have the power of our Art to work with!

Help Sussurrus Win!

Journal Entry: Mon May 7, 2018, 6:46 PM
I truly detest popularity contests - I would never win one LOL But This is a great company with awesome people trying to make a cool game and so just a couple click will help

Just go to link & click on the thumbs up please #thankyou <3…

You might also like the free game it is a story based game not a shooting game. My partner Duncan Eagleson… is art director and I also created art for it 🙂 <3


Lets Do It

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2018, 7:35 AM

My first protest I was 17 years old in my first year of college at Westfield State College. We marched against the Vietnam War. The next time we marched because they killed young adults for protesting at Kent state. I turned 18, then we marched for Black Power fists raised. And in the same year we did a sleep in on the president's lawn trying to get a response form the college president. The FBI was watching us.

Since then I have marched for the environment and organized small marches for Peace over the years, until the People's Climate March in NYC 2015, then the massive Women's March Boston 2017 and the Environmental March in DC - #EarthSpiritAction This year I attended The Women's Rally in Cambridge and yesterday the March for Our Lives in Boston. What a huge growth in people who are active. This is great!

So you could say I am a boots on the ground believer. But I am getting older. It is harder. I am still willing, but I am so relieved by the engagement of the Millennial generation and the new generationZ. It takes work to make an impact and create change. I will be with you as long as I can, but you need to take the baton and lead us away from the greed and corruption that is killing our world and our society. We need you. #LetsDoIt
Marchforourlives1 by Mogrianne Marchforourlives2 by Mogrianne March for our lives 3 by Mogrianne

Marchforourlives4 by Mogrianne March4ourlives5 by Mogrianne  Marchforourlives6 by Mogrianne

Another Year Another Women's March

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 21, 2018, 6:44 AM
Yesterday was inspiring, to see so many people out as part of the resistance, all over the country, all over the world. 2018 is the year of WOMEN.

I stayed local for this one, Cambridge Mass. There was a rally, I prefer a march. :) But still I was there because it matters. Boots on the ground at these events matter. We build ourselves up by seeing we are together moving toward a better world.

I was happy to see the mix of causes, reasons, ideas, passions, ages. This  reminds me that I love my country.

To the young people with you vibrant passion - I admire you - please vote.

To the parents with their children, thank you for teaching them to be engaged.

To my generation, you blow me away with your ability to still be out here, trying to create a better world.

To the elders, I am in awe of your willingness to see a better way.

Thank you.

Below is a link to my FaceBook album of candid shots of yesterday's rally. I am not going to submit them here since they are documentary, not professional shots with model releases.

Winter Solstice from the Forest

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 24, 2017, 5:44 AM

The forest waits in silence
Pooling so deep, That shadows take form,
in the corners of our eyes we see them,
Shadows running flying rustling.
The Winter breathes a cold icy breath through barren branches,
Arms rubbing together,
roots sunk deep in the cold hard ground,
where each molecule of earth is connected to another by particles of ice.
In this forest, In this silence, In this darkness
There is life

Clustered in evergreens
Tiny brown sparrows
Puff their feathers
Singing to stay warm

Honey Bees packed tight
in their snow covered hives
vibrate wings for warmth
shifting from edge to center

Crystalline white flakes

White snow flakes falling
A flash of color
The cardinal's blood red wings

Dark furred minks
Glide over white forest floors
Shadows hunting

A single milkweed seed
Floats across
Snow covered fields
Searching for Spring

On frozen ponds
Ice drum heads
Beat a winter tempo

Under the ice
Deep in the cold black river water
Barely moving
a trout survives Winter

Grey blue heron
Waits in stillness
At the icy edge of open water

Blue shadowed afternoons
deepening into twilight
a fox crosses the ice

Black wings cut
snow laden skies
landing on barren branches
in twos and threes - caw

Bare tree limbs
Reaching for a distant sun
Blacker at twilight
Outlined with fresh snow

Walking single file
Leaving one set of tracks in the snow
coyote packs hunt
the edges of two legged space

Through long dark starry nights
White Swans swim in circles
holding ice at bay

Wilde winds sing
Through empty branches
A symphony for
Black star blessed skies

In the quiet forest
On silent wings
Great horned owl hunts
Listening through the snow cover

Over the frozen white ground
grey shadows flowing
hungry wolves stalk hungry prey

Deep in a dark cave's heart
Brown bears dream
And birth the Spring

The Forest waits...

©2017Moira Ashleigh

When we need to say No not here

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 20, 2017, 8:02 AM
I was at the rally in Boston, MA, USA yesterday. For the most part it was peaceful, diverse, committed and strong. People of all ages, skin colors, and socioeconomic status walked and stood together. We listened to each other.

We cannot return to a time of white supremacy, we cannot return to a time of nazism, we cannot return to a time of slavery. Those times are over and I am so glad they are.

United States has an old president, who is out of touch with the country. He surrounds himself with divisive unhealthy people. He lives in a gold plated "castle" and thinks he is the only one who matters. This is a bad situation to be in for our country's democracy.

We, citizens of this country, citizens of the world need to be strong. We need to use our skills, our art, our voices, and our hearts to do the right thing every day. It is not a time of luxury and get the greatest new thing, it is a time of vigilance and political action.

We must be together against hate, against intolerance, against discrimination for race, religion, ethnic origins, sexual orientation or physical/mental abilities. We need to accept people for who they need to be. We desperately need to care for the Earth we live on. This is all vital to our continued existence.

We are responsible for our actions.

Make we walk in Strength and Peace.Untitled by Mogrianne

Spring is the time to step out

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 10:06 AM
#wommensmarch #standup #nowisthetime #boston
Yesterday on the begging channel I heard a pundit, my goodness we have so many of them and mostly they are men, say the Women's March was not focused enough, that it needed to be about one thing. And I immediately realized that this was a very patriarchal way of looking at things, a linear, one thing at a time, silo mentality.

What I know women bring to the thought process is an ability to hold more than one thing important. To hold a variety of just causes and support each other in them. The ability to come together and work together for all of the things that are important to our world, even when they do not directly affect us.

I see this as a less selfish way of being in the world. A way to reach our hands across the divides that society tries to make. Women have an innate ability to perceive a mutuality of causes. This ability is beneficial to our society and our world.

This ability also makes us harder to fight, because you cannot attack one thing and make it wrong. So I see why some people would like us to individuate each issue, but I personally do not think that will make us stronger.

I think we need to see our current problems from a more natural and empathic perspective. That all of the issues are part of one big cultural miasma of patriarchy. A miasma that has got us to this time, one that is way outdated. And we need to realize that we are done with that.

We can stand together support all of the issues including: immigration, education, black lives matter, native american rights, wildlife, our public lands, womens equality, womens healthcare, veterans care, LGBTQ equality, religious freedom, environmental sustainability, anti-pollution, pro-medicare, the right to choose for ourselves, peace on Earth and so many other things. Because we can hold the whole picture in our hearts and our minds.

We are smart enough, brave enough and caring enough to say:
Now is the time
This is the place
We will not give up on our rights for anyone.

Autumn's Edge

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 28, 2016, 5:06 AM
The days here are waning quickly, heading toward the Winter. a time to pull in and dream. Until this modern society, this was something people expected and knew how to do. To pull in, do less, survive the time of less light, less food, less warmth. They worried if they would survive, but it was an immediate worry. And in the Autumn they prepared as much as possible for the coming Winter.

But we do not really have to prepare. We have grocery stores, and the Internet. We have television and cars. There are snowplows and deicer. All this to allow us to live as if Winter was not here. In many ways Winter is just an inconvenience to us.

I think we have lost our connection to the seasons by trying to overcome them. We did battle and won, but perhaps we did not win. Perhaps we have only a short, in the time of the Earth, respite from our connection to the natural world we live in.

We live in a time when people are scared. They do not admit it but you see it in the amount of depression, the quick tempers and the fixation on anything sensational to assuage the underlying fear. And this fear comes from our disconnection from the natural world, our "winning the battle" against Nature.

But we have not won anything.

Everything we have comes from Nature. Every car, computer, chemical compound all comes from this beautiful planet we live on.  And like anything we warp to our will, Nature cannot be healthy under our control.

We all know things are not right. We know it deep in our bones, our blood, our heart. And we are afraid, much like a batterer is afraid of the victim they batter, or a rapist is afraid of the power of the person they "conquer."  We are deeply scared. And unscrupulous people are using that against us.

We are afraid of loosing everything we have, because we have built what we have on control. And control needs things not to change.

Do not let anyone fill you with so much fear, that it makes you cling to control over. Control is an illusion that is built in fear of change.

We know change is always happening around us.
We can see it every day.
This is the contradiction that unsettles us, causing our deep fear.

Let's be deeply honest.
Yes, we are going to have to change. And I agree that is scary.
But there is a better way than being scared of the changes that we need to make.

We have the capability to use our intelligence for the good of all. If we come together. If we can look honestly at what we need versus what we want.

We can work with change.
We can live more in harmony with Nature and still have wonderful lives. 
Not just for us, but for all the beings on this planet.

Open your eyes, your heart, your mind to the connections we all have with Nature. Step into a world where you are a part of the whole. not doing battle with life, but truly deeply living it.  Step out of the control box, and lets do this together.

We can find a way to live in this world without fear, hate, and violence.
We can. It is what we want.

Let's do it.

Sending you Love

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 10, 2016, 4:28 AM
This world is crazy full of hate, and yet hate never builds anything. So this February I am sending you LOVE.
Love for the Earth that we are living on. This amazing gorgeous blue marble hurting though space in its path around the sun.
Love for all the amazing beings that we share the Earth with, including the challenging ones. All are part of the balance. May we stop killing them for pleasure and torturing them for money.
Love for the trees and the plants that help us exist on this planet. May we understand their needs and what they bring to the whole.
Love for the air that we breathe, may we keep it clean and clear.
Love for the waters that are All Connected. May the waters no longer be poisoned and considered a dumping ground for our waste.
Love for the dirt under us that grows our food and filters toxins away from the waters. May we stop poisoning it to attain a false sterile "beauty." And use it sustainably in the future.
Love for the fires of the Sun, which keep our Earth viable and with its light allow us to see the myriad of colors.
Love for our countries, may we find peaceful ways to exist together, side by side. Finding ways to delight in the differences between people and honoring their life choices.
Love for our families blood and chosen. May we see them as humans also struggling to do their best and love them, sometimes with tough love when they need it.
Love for ourselves in all our imperfections, may we strive to be the best we can and forgive our failings.
Simply Love

May the New Year be Grand!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 11:30 AM
Even though I am not enamored of DA lately, I do really enjoy the other artists here. :D

So to all of you - I wish you the best year ever.

Bright Blessings

Where is the buy one give one??

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 1:00 PM
Hey DA you said you were offering this earlier in the month, but it has not shown up - what gives??

There is no way to contact you to ask.

Why should I give you any of my money if you bait and switch?

Thanks jerry8448 for this:

Winter Solstice Wishes

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2015, 8:43 AM
It is the darkest time of year here in the North East. I always struggle with not enough daytime. I love and require sunlight, but I also enjoy a warm summer night when the air feels like black velvet. :D

My yule wishes this year:
1. For humans to stop being so greedy. Balance
2. To have each person find a connection with the natural world that feeds them and makes them understand the conservation needed to survive. Connection with Nature
3. To have less war and violence perpetrated by humans on humans and Nature, because none of that works - we have proved that over and over and over. Peace on Earth
4. To get the impetus to remove the poisonous chemicals from use. To poison anything is to poison ourselves as well #poisonispoison Right Action
5. For humans to understand that the right of freedom is the right to respect one another not the right to bully any being. Respect
6. A culture to arise based on value of what every thing/every being brings to the whole, to see to beauty of what we have and to cherish it without needing to own it. And a culture that has the will to act where we the humans have created irreparable harm to remediate that harm. Wholeness

So to all of my friends here on DA, I wish you safe and happy holidays in whichever way you celebrate them. May they be stress free and fulfilling in ways that surprise and feed you.

Yule Tidings

Contest on Corvid Design

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 8:09 AM
Yes, we have a cover design business at And there are only a couple days left on the contest to write a blurb for one of the two chosen covers.

What you win - publication of your blurb on the website and social media and 10% off any cover services from us from pre-made to full custom cover design.

We have a ton of pre-made covers to choose from, and the Artistic director Duncan Eagleson, also a DA member… does award winning covers.

So if you have writer friends that need good covers for a reasonable price, and even discounted...if they win the contest. Please message them, because it would be so great if it was someone in the DA community that won. :D Contest more info URL…


Enough 2015 - time for a change of tide

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2015, 6:44 AM
Really? My BFF is slowly better but now has some eye issues. My contract ended and I am still looking for work, I do have a very small subcontract. Still miss my cat and visit his grave almost every day.  Now a very very close friend was burned over 40% of her body on Halloween and is in ICU. My car has been in the shop for over a week with a leaking gas tank, waiting for a part from Georgia. C'mon enough already, time to change the tide.

But the new book cover business  Corvid Design:  has over 100 pre-made covers and a new artist John Hunt of Hunt illustration - so exciting. And we have a writing contest: Stellar Tails:… Please write a blurb - it is good practice for writers and good for your creativity. :D
Oh and I won a flash Fiction contest on Google+ with one of my poems. :D I should post it here at some point.

Still taking photos, but not processing them at the rate I should be. There are probably 23 chips on my desk that I have not even looked at. :o I am trying. :)

Stay healthy, love the Earth, and create beauty my friends.

Busy oh so busy

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 13, 2015, 1:55 PM
Wow life does toss and turn doesn't it? My BFF is getting better Yay! My contract ended and I am looking for work. :\ My cat died at the end of August, I miss him, and no new cat until I have a new job. And I started a new business doing book covers called Corvid Design: Where that is going well - we shall see. I have plans and dreams.

Autumn is here, this year I am doing less of the community piece and more figuring out just what I want to do.  I have created a bunch of pre-made covers lately, taken a cool Photoshop course in the process and rewritten my resume for the third time - today. So even though I am taking photos, I am not processing them at the rate I should be. There are probably 20 chips on my desk that I have not even looked at. :o

It will get better, sooner would be lovely, but it will. :D

Stay healthy, love the Earth, and create beauty my friends.

Sunflowers for Sue

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 12, 2015, 9:46 AM
Lately I am mostly posting Sunflowers. There is a reason.

My BFF has cancer and it is not going real well. There were "complications" and she is still in the hospital, many weeks so far. She loves Sunflowers. So I am photographing and processing sunflowers in order to send her one a day. She lives several hours away from me.

I will continue this for a bit. Yes, I am shooting other things but the processing of the sunflowers is the higher priority.

I wish you all health, joy and friends.


DA Birthday Questions

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 9:22 AM
    How long have you been on DeviantArt? 9 years

    What does your username mean? Fate of the winter sun

    Describe yourself in three words. Pagan, Photographer, Activist

    Are you left or right handed? right

    What was your first deviation? I think it was called Focus - a photomanip

    What is your favourite type of art to create? Right now photography

    If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Digital Painting - totally

    What was your first favourite? I believe it was an eye - Contemplating Uncertainty by little miss pink

    What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Photography

    Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? nope I don't have one, there are too many wonderful artists here

    If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? The designer/engineer team to talk about direction and usability

    How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? I have received some great encouragement from fellow deviants

    What are your preferred tools to create art? Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, Photoshop, OnOne Suite

    What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? The forest

    What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Creating a combined art piece a couple times with other deviants, and working with the current group co-founder on the yellow club

Hoping for the changes we need

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 14, 2015, 10:36 AM
It seems that I am thinking most about hope right now... :D

Hope for the changes in government that will help the people of so many countries.
Hope that people will find their own honesty, honor and integrity with each other and with Nature.
Hope that the greed and persecution which I see shifts to something healthier with more understanding and compassion.
Hope that health things come out well.
Hope that personal things shift for the best for myself and others.
Hope that we can find compromise within ourselves for the greatest good for ALL - that isn't just for people.

So I will say that hope is a strong thing - not a thing of weakness. It is easy to loose sight of why we need to hope. Because to hope means we know there is a better way that can happen, and that we can be a part of if we try. And without hope there is just tedium, depression and pain. That is not the life I want to see anyone or anything lead.

Yes, we need to change. Yes, I think we can. In fact I am very much looking forward to it.

Bright Blessings

And the seasons change

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 7:14 AM
I feel the shift of seasons so strong on this Spring Equinox. I send wishes for a greater whole, a cleaner world of harmony with all.

I wish for the Earth, that the human animals would come together to live in harmony with all other animals and with the lands, the trees of wisdom, the nurturing rocks and dirt, the life giving waters - they are all connected. All part of the whole.

We the human animals pull away and separate ourselves into our small people focused lives. Then we are not happy and we constantly need more - more clothes, more food, more toys, more land, more children, more oil, more money, more knowledge. And still we are not happy except for brief moments.

It is my belief that we have become lost and disconnected from the Earth, our real home and our most important teacher. And we have lost our honor and respect as beings on this planet.

Why should we change?

How we are now is easy and it is what we have been taught will make us happy.

Because it doesn't work and we are killing the Earth and ourselves. And that is plain dumb.

How can we shift this?

I do not think it is by fighting - that never makes us happy and destroys the Earth.
I do not think it is by gratitude, that is a placebo that softens the challenge but does not truly change the paradigm.
I don't think it is by Art, art is for people, and while I honor it because it can help people understand and feel, by itself it doesn't change the greed we seem to be holding so close.
I don't think it is by talking, because honestly we cannot hear each other and we certainly cannot hear the other animals and beings on this Earth.
I certainly don't think we can legislate it, our legislatures are owned by businesses which want us to continue with the greed.
I do not think religions offer an answer, they seem to create more war than peace.

So my suggestions are:

First connect with the wild in the forests, the ocean, the rivers, the jungles, the plains and the deserts. See their essential beauty and relevance rather that trying to change it into what we NEED. Spend time paying attention to what we have instead of how we can use it.

We are and always will be changers. But change without balance and forethought is wrong. It is unhealthy. It is destruction.

We need to start with small changes and big ideas. Perhaps if we take one day at a time. Do one thing different to nurture the Earth. Look for one thing that we could do to make life on this Earth more sustainable, and then put our heart into it.

Find others who can also connect to the wild Earth and see a path toward Peace among all and Harmony with the Earth. Share your ideas and inner knowledge with them. Listen to criticism. And if you see value in this criticism honor it. But do not be bullied into thinking your insights are always wrong. We are very mired in the teaching of our society run amok. Even the best of us has blind spots.

Most of all find a place away from the humanized areas where you can connect with the wild. That of anything will help you to reshape this world from corruption to clean. Go there from time to time or even every day. :D Yes at first this can be frightening because we are so separated. But inside each of us is a brave heart, if we allow it to be, and a will to make things better.

Find a path with Honor that will better the Earth, there you will find the joy you seek. :D

Happy Spring!
With Love

I was there

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 11:28 AM
In New York City On September 21st the people came to say
It is time.

I was there - I am 62 years old and I was there in the Interfaith section - it was close to 400,000 people - they were all colors and all religions. We Pagan walked with Humanist Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Roman Catholics, Protestants, UU's, Atheists, etc. all colors and all walks of life.

It was the cleanest march I have ever seen - NO litter. And it stretched for 4 miles solid. It was absolutely amazing. It wasn't about having stars or heads of state marching - it was about the people coming together to say things MUST change. They came by bus and train, so many that at one point the service clogged and came to a standstill.

If there were paid people they were the organizers - and what is wrong with that? What is wrong with paying people for hard hard work? What is wrong with paying artists to do art? There were also folks paid to hand out leaflets on corners about a TV show - they were not in the march and not part of the numbers. In fact there were also hundreds of people just sitting on the sidelines watching the march and taking pictures.

I am thrilled by what these organizers did and accomplished. I am honored to have been a part of something so large and so important. It was an amazing experience and I hope so deeply that it will be a piece of making a difference.

We the people really care.  I was there.

Now it is your turn to get out and do something that stands the test. :D (Big Grin)

This Earth is precious and you need to be part of the solution not part of the complacent naysayer "cool" people - who are so not cool at all.

The time is now! The place is here on this Earth. It is now or never folks.
Stand Up!