Xmas Octavia Plushie Contest! (CLOSED)

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Update (6/12/13): This contest is now officially closed.  I will be reviewing all entries soon (currently at work xD).  Thank you all for entering!  :D

Update (5/12/13): There's only 23hrs and 30min left before this contest closes!  If you're thinking of entering, then be sure to submit your entry soon!

Update (18/11/13): I have added a short synopsis for each OC!  Please check them out!  :D

It's time for another pony plushie giveaway!  And this time, it's to celebrate Christmas and the 4th Season Premiere of MLP:FIM!

The giveaway prize this time will be Octavia!

Octavia plushie x2 (ONE IS FOR PLUSHIE GIVEAWAY!) by moggymawee

I am only giving away the Octavia plushie on the left :)

I've decided to spice things up with an art contest this time round -

The contest begins now and closes at 9am of 6th December 2013 (New Zealand Time)


1) You have to submit something creative that incorporates at least one of my pony OCs (Mardelia, Mary-Joe, Bliss or Dusk) - please see below for more info about them
- Please submit by commenting on this journal with a link to your submission
anything "creative" is fine!  including drawing/writing/music/photography - be creative!  ;)
- I will favourite all entries here: moggymawee.deviantart.com/favo…

2) You have to be a watcher
3) You have to post a journal on your DA linking to this "Christmas Octavia Pony Plushie Giveaway Contest!" journal

Who wins:

The contest winner will be announced within 48 hours of the contest ending. 

I will choose the winner based on accuracy, presentation and originality.

*Accuracy - how accurately you've depicted my OCs
*Presentation - how well presented your creative work is
*Originality - how original/creative your creative work is

My OCs:


Mardelia is my ponysona, so she's roughly based off me.  Her cutie mark captures what's most important to me: family and being a good and caring doctor.  She's an ambitious and hardworking pony, and has had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get to where she is now - as evidenced by a missing chunk in her right ear.  Mardelia is also quite sensitive and shy, so she likes to hide behind her long flowing locks and dark make-up.  Her favourite colour is pink!

Mardelia Character Reference Sheet :3 by moggymawee


Mary-Joe is a valentine's pony who is sweet, caring and passionate.  However, she can also become very sentimental and emotional at times.  She takes a while to warm up to strangers but once you get to know her, you’ll come to realise that she’s a forever friend who’ll stay very true, honest and loyal to you.  She’s adventurous and enthusiastic about most things and is not afraid to live her life to the absolute fullest.
Mary-Joe Character Reference Sheet by moggymawee

Bliss is a happy, bright and optimistic pony full of hope and aspirations.  She did not have a happy beginning and was often teased by others for being different due to her heterochromic irises.  However, she's also an extremely resilient and strong pony and was able to blossom despite all this.  Her cutie mark is a sunflower, which is famous for turning towards the sunlight.

Bliss Plushified! by moggymawee


Dusk is a quiet, aloof and "mysterious" pony, who generally enjoys solitude.  He is often misunderstood as being hard-hearted, cold and ruthless.  This is partly a coping mechanism and his way of protecting himself from all the evil he has seen and experienced in the world.  In actuality, once/if you "unlock him", he is an extremely loyal, invaluable and passionate friend who wouldn't think twice about sacrificing his life for you.  Little is known about him, as he has no family nor friends, but he is some sort of mercenary, as symbolised by the golden chain he wears around his neck.

With drawings involving Dusk, please design/add in his cutie mark and chest crest.  This would contribute to the presentation and originality score.

Dusk cutie mark -

A stylized golden key with a snake wrapped around it (basically, the idea is that there is 'golden goodness' inside, but in order to unlock it, you have to get past this snake (the snake is not necessarily evil, just misunderstood).

Dusk chest crest -

A stylized tattoo/crest on his chest of a golden keyhole.


I will pay for shipping costs, but please be advised that the shipping would be via international Economy which is untracked and could take up to 10-25 working days to arrive its destination.

If you would like a tracked and faster shipping option, then you would have to help pay for a part of the shipping fee (part-payment would be about $20-30USD).  This is generally via International Economy Courier which would take about 2-6 working days to arrive its destination.

Please also note that Christmas time is coming up, so there may be shipping delays which are completely out of my control.

If you have any further questions please feel free to comment below/note me! 

Thank you all so very much again for all your support Huggle! and good luck everyone!  :happybounce:

© 2013 - 2021 moggymawee
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missed it... fuuuuuuuu
moggymawee's avatar
:( there will be more!!  :D
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Oh maiiii ;u; hope I'll make it to them hh
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There will be more?! HOORAY!!!
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NO... i'm too late... i was almost done. Oh well good luck to everyone.
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awww :< if you'd like, you could still show me your unfinished work for fun - I don't want your efforts and time to go to waste :P
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well, ok i'll just finish it and show it off. so just give my a couple of hours.
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hehe, no problem ;) and don't worry if it's too much trouble though!  :P
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Well here it is, I call it "A Season to Remember"

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I love it!  Thank you so much!  You are very talented!  ;)
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Here's my journal and entry! fav.me/d6wsuvk fav.me/d6wsxdd

I stayed up all night finishing it to meet the deadline, so I'm going to go and get a bit of sleep now. xD Hope you like it! :heart:
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Thank you so much for working so hard for me!  :D I love it!!!!
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I'm so glad! :D It was definitely worth the effort, I think~
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Also my journal!
Sorry for the comments im derping up x3
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Heres my Entry to the contest!
Please read the Description of it :D

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thank you so much!  :D I really enjoyed reading it!  Wish it didn't have to end xD
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Heres my Entry to the contest!
Please read the Description of it :D
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you're just in time!  :D thank you so much!
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My entry is above, Miss!

And above is my journal! Best of luck to all the contestants!

One more time, this plushie is an amazingly fantastic and adorable Octy!
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thanks so much for entering and taking the time to write that lovely piece for me!  :D and I'm so glad you like my plushies!
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