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Why did I just HAVE to read it on the same date the giveaway ended D:
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Lol XD there should be another one in Christmas!  ;)
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That's what I've been doing for almost a year, my dear. :D I told myself not to become a brony and start collecting things... but it started with 4 blind bag figures and now I have quite a nice little collection of different things: blind bag figures, Burger King figures (don't know if they were available outside of Germany), the English IDW comics, books, etc. :D

It's the same with me, my favourite used to be Applejack, then there was my Twilight time and now it's Rarity. And I agree with you about her; I especially love her because of her creativity (it's a shame her EoH became "generosity" in the end, not "inspiration" :(), her unbeatable eccentricity :D, her helpfulness and that she's always one of the first to realise her mistakes when it comes to the 'celestial letters'. :D
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Argh, sorry! I thought I clicked on the "Reply" button... Stupid me, I shouldn't write comments early on a Saturday morning. XD
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This is my journal for the giveaway. Love you plushies by the way.
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Thank you soooooo much for sharing!  I've read and responded to your post!  :D And thank you so much for liking my plushies!  Your support is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for entering and good luck!!! :D
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Here's my entry -…
I'm hoping I've entered within the respective time limit ^^;

I am crossing my fingers for this because my best friend an sister has been wanting a pinkie pie plush for years now. I wanted to order her one but I never had the funds to do so. If I did win, this would be going straight to her and I'm sure it would make her year wonderful.

Why do I like MLP you ask? The answer is quite simple, yet complex in the same stance. MLP:FIM shows what it means to get along and it teaches you that no one is perfect and we must come to understand that first and foremost. The characters of the show are very relate-able to anyone who watches it ( I know everyone has something in them deep down that can relate). 
Before I knew of the show I was always shy, timid, and tried to help anyone in their time of need. Most people thought I just wanted attention...but that's not the case. It's just my nature to wish to see everyone happy and enjoying their lives. When I found out about mlp it then acured to me that I wasn't the only one who felt this way. In this day an age a lot of people are hard hearted and think those who really want to help are just trying to sweet talk their way into the top of the world....they couldn't be more wrong. 
Through the fandom I have found some of the sweetest and best of friends I couldn't live without. I help them and they help me and understand me better than most can. I'm not saying all my life was supported by the fandom and the show, but it helped me to open my eyes to see the world isn't trying to punish those who try to do good deeds.
Lastly, or at least last I will be writing, is the show helped inspire me to draw more than what I did. I used to doodle a lot but never really showed anyone because I never thought my work was worth anything. The show taught me that you need to at least give it a try because if it's something you love you shouldn't stop doing it for others sake. I started to show my friends my art in which I received an unexpected response.. they told me I should actually go online and do commissions for my work. I was really touched and that was when I found my talent in drawing. If I'm ever depressed or happy I vent it through my art which in turn helps with my stress levels and improves my art skills. 
If it weren't for the fandom I wouldn't have all the lovely watchers and friends I found here on DA and I wouldn't have started (and still practice to become better) my digital drawing for everyone. It's been a few years now... do I regret anything from finding this enjoyable show? Not for one second. :heart:
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Yes!  The contest is still open!  :D so great timing! 

Thank you for such a thorough and insightful answer!  You give great reasons for liking MLP.  The characters are definitely relatable, and I think what makes them very cute/likeable is also how believable they are - with all their individual quirks and flaws (of course, looking colourful and cute helps too ;)!!!!!). 

I'm sorry to hear you've met hard-hearted people who judge you like that - that's not nice at all.  But I'm sure you must also have caring and kind-hearted people around you (like yourself!) esp after discovering MLP and its wonderful fandom.

The support from the fandom is amazing, I agree.  I'm also like you - I didn't think I could ever get back into 'art' again (leave alone SHOW anyone my art XD), until MLP inspired me to get in touch with my 'artistic' side.  And it's a great way to de-stress, definitely!  Sometimes when work gets busy/crazy/tedious, I think about my sewing projects and I feel a lot better :D

I checked out your work, you draw very well!  You have a very special and unique style, everything feels dreamy and mythically beautiful!  I really like it!  :D  Keep up the good work!  Your friends were right!  You're a very talented artist!  :D and I'm so happy MLP played a part in inspiring you/giving you the confidence to do that!

Thank you so much for sharing, entering and good luck!  :D and what a sweet sister you are!  :D
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Oh, thank you so much I'm so glad I was able to enter! :D

It was nothing really ^^;  I wanted to write more by my hand started to cramp up a bit so that's why I cut it short.

I do have a lot of caring and understand friends I found through the fandom, though there are always the 'bad apples' but I've learned to just except that and try to win them with kindness. If that doesn't work then I just leave them alone ^^  Thank you so much for the lovely complement :blush:  You also seem to be a very kind an compassionate individual whom is very talented indeed!

I'm glad that you are able to understand where I am coming from it makes it a lot easier to explain how it feels ^^

Thank you... just.. thank you so much!! It's hard for me to keep doing it sometimes but when I get comments like these it really makes it all worth while! I will love to do some art for you sometime since you like my style so much :aww:  :heart: :heart:

Thank you for letting me enter as well, this is very generous of you to do! I wish the best of luck to everyone who entered and really hope for the best! If I don't get it I understand, but if I do then I will be happy either way ^^
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Awww, you're such a sweet person!  :D thank you so much!  Maybe in the future, we can do art trades ;) 
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:iconfluttershyblushplz: Thank you for your kindness dear and you are more than welcome. I would love to do an art trade! Just let me know when and what and I will be sure to get it done :aww:
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Here's my post:…

I love MLP:FIM, the animations good, good plot lines, awesome music, and I love Fluttershy and Rarity. They remind me of me. But watching the show does make me happy. I was feeling depress while I was in college, my friends were to busy or didn't notice. I watched MLP and I would feel better. I've gotten inspire to write and draw, and it's thanks to the ponies that I have more friends.
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It's great to hear MLP has inspired you to create!  :D it has for me too!!!  I agree with all your points, and I hope you are no longer depressed esp with MLP in your life and great friends around you!  :D it's not nice to be depressed :< life is too short for that!  And I love Fluttershy and Rarity (amongst my favs!)!  I think we would get along very well :D :D  Thanks for sharing, entering and good luck!
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I hope I can join.
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I started liking my little pony again when my friend showed it to me on the way to music camp, but I've, in my heart, loved it since gen two. I was born too late for gen 1 though...

I like it because it's fun and innocent, and it makes me laugh and feel happy.
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Awesome!  :D kudos to your friend for showing you!!!  :D MLP makes me laugh and feel happy too! ;) thanks for sharing, entering and good luck!!!!
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I started liking My Little Pony around the time I started computer college. At first it was a little nervous being in a new place all on my own but after a while during a session with one of my tutors commented on his shirt, which was a black Rainbow Dash shirt with the word brony on it, anyway he tells me  that he is president of the UNF brony club and I should go to a meeting. I did and I met a lot of people with similar interests as me. So the most important reason that I like My Little Pony is that it helped connect me to a lot of great people that i can call friends.
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What an interesting way to discover your love for MLP!  Your tutor is a brony/president of the UNF brony club?!  Omg, how cool is that!  What an awesome tutor!  And how cool you guys have brony meetings!  :p such a great way to make friends!  I don't know any bronies in person in NZ :( thanks for entering, sharing and good luck!
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Why I love many reasons. I've always been a huge fan of MLP thru the generations. Even during the Gen1, i had MLP toys. Prior to the FiM series, i collected tons of the MLP toys, even tho i was in my late teens and early 20s. And now that i'm older, now i started making my little pony plushies cuz i just love to sew and the theme behind FiM is just amazing. I just love MLP! It's so much more entertaining then most cartoons on TV these days too. And actually not filled with tons of 'adult' innuendos like most kids shows these days. 
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Oh wow!  Just took a look at your plushies!  They are very cute!  :D well done!  I esp like your Princess Cadance!  She's such a sweetheart!  And gothic Pinkie Pie is so cool!  Keep up the great work!!  And you can hand embroider?! I have no idea how to do that at all xD you're very talented!  

I'm envious you had G1 MLP toys!  I wanted them so bad when I was little, but my parents wouldn't buy them for me :(  also, sounds like you have quite the collection!  I would love to see them some time!  Thanks so much for sharing, entering and good luck!  
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