Commissions for May ^^ + Plushie Contest! (CLOSED)

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By moggymawee
Commissions for May

1) Thunderlane stallion for :iconbakufoon:

2) Sweetie Belle filly for :iconleroytheotter:

3) Tax Rise (OC) stallion for :icongeckogeek:

Commissions are now closed!

They're going to be so much fun!!!!  ^-^


Design-An-OC-For-Me plushie contest:lovesquee:  (from now until 6pm 27/6/14 New Zealand Time)


I need more OCs to plushify :) (Smile) so I thought I'd bribe you guys with a chance to win a custom pony plushie from me in exchange for some nice OCs :D (Big Grin)

You have to be a watcher
You have to design an original character in the MLP:FiM show style for me and present it on a character reference sheet (it does not need to be a vector or digital art)
The character reference sheet should include at least:
    - OC's name
    - OC's brief backstory
    - OC when viewed from the left side
    - OC when viewed from the right side
    - OC's eye design
    - OC's cutie marks (if any)
All pony types are accepted (mares/fillies/stallions/alicorns etc)
Only 1 entry per person please
Please submit your entry by commenting on this journal with a link to your submission
I will favourite all entries here:…

❤ 1st place - Custom pony plushie of your choice from me*
❤ 2nd place - $40USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 3rd place - $20USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 4th place - $10USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 5th place - $10USD prize money & 10% discount off my commissions
❤ All other contest participants will receive a 10% discount off my commissions (please note, discounts do not stack!)
I will be keeping the top 5 OCs

*Custom pony plushie must be of my finalized and existing pattern (filly/mare/stallion).  Simple accessories are ok, but no highly complex outfits please.

I will pay for shipping costs, but please be advised that the shipping would be via international Economy which is untracked and could take up to 10-25 working days to arrive its destination.

If you would like a tracked and faster shipping option, then you would have to help pay for a part of the shipping fee (part-payment would be about $20-30USD).  This is generally via International Economy Courier which would take about 2-6 working days to arrive its destination.

Who wins
❤ The contest winner will be announced within 72 hours of the contest ending
❤ I will choose the winner based on creativity, uniqueness and how well I think the OC would plush

© 2014 - 2021 moggymawee
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When you submit an OC, do you still have the rights to it? (Are we giving you OCs or are we showing you designs of our OCs)
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The OCs become mine.... though this is a really old contest... and it's been closed for over 2 years!
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Good luck judging all the awesome entries you received!!! They will look even more amazing when you plushify it :D (Big Grin) 
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so much!  yea!  so many great ones!  T-T it's going to be hard work!
bastiIles's avatar…
Spelling mistakes whoops 

moggymawee's avatar
You did a great entry!  Thank you so much!  ^^ (haha that face....)
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I dont know if i posted this before but,
heres my entree…
moggymawee's avatar
Yep, I've received them, thanks!  ^^
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My entry ^ w ^ :…

Its the first ref if made, i hope you like Q u Q
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OMG I didn't realize this was happening please tell me I made it in time. Here's my new OC Breeze Blitz Ref Sheet I hope you accept it.…
Please read her story there is a reason for everything.
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Ok :) yep, that'll do!  Thank you so much!  :D I'll submit your entry now!  ^^
derrickmac1's avatar
I forgot this one didn't have the story so here's the one with the story:…

Thank you for the entry by the way.
moggymawee's avatar
thanks, I read it already!  ^^ and you're welcome!!!  thank you so much for entering!  she's very interesting :P
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Wait is this a contest that we are giving you the Oc?
bastiIles's avatar
Yep your basically just giving that OC away <.<
derrickmac1's avatar
Okay, I'll tell her to take my entry out.
moggymawee's avatar
yea, it's a "design an OC for me" contest :P
derrickmac1's avatar
Oh....*sigh* as much as I want to enter your contest, I can't except these terms. Can you please take me out of the competition? I mean no disrespect but Breeze is a special Oc and my third new one that I like.
moggymawee's avatar
no worries!  :D it's all good!  totally understand ;)
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Thank you, I hope everyone has some good luck. Best wishes to you and everyone!… So I made this really fast and I know it's really bad with all the smudge marks and scribbled but I tried :p ( I really need to start drawing digitally haha :D)  I hope you look past the suckiness of my drawing and like my OC :) Anyways, good luck everyone :3
moggymawee's avatar
lol!  your comment made me giggle xD thank you so much for entering my contest!  ^^
Haha :D Thanks for making this contest! I love entering contests like this, cause I love to draw ^_^
moggymawee's avatar
that's great!  keep drawing!  your art is adorable!  :D
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