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Skin by Reeane

Commissions are now OPEN!  They will remain open from now until  6pm July 23 NZT

There will be 2 commission slots available.  Each commission project should take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

How to get a commission slot:

1. Please make sure you read my commission policy in full before placing your request.  You can read it here.

2. Submit a commission application through my website at  You will receive a response in the next 72 hours.

3. After my commission slots close on 6pm NZT July 23, I will review all requests and select projects to fill my commission slots based on the following factors:
  • how interesting the project is.  I am more likely to choose a project I haven't plushed numerous times before
  • how attractive the project is.  I am more likely to choose a project that looks good!
  • how friendly the commissioner is.  I am much less likely to choose your project if you are rude or demanding
  • how much you are willing to pay.  If you offer to pay extra, I am more likely to choose your project
I have limited time to plush, so please do not be offended if I do not accept your request.

4. You will receive an email from me within 72 hours of my commission slots closing if your request has been accepted.

5. Once everything has been confirmed via email, I will send you a PayPal invoice.  You must pay your invoice within 72 hours otherwise you risk losing your commission slot.

Please do not send requests by replying to this journal. You must fill out the application form on my website in order to request a commission slot/price quote.

Payment policy:

1. All payments are made via PayPal.

For ponies from the show (canon/official ponies) – I require a 50% deposit before I begin. This is non-refundable. The rest of the payment is due after I finish the commission.

For OC ponies – I require full payment before I begin.

Thank you very much for your interest in my work.  I look forward to working with some of you in the next couple of weeks.

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your plushies are adorable! how much do your Tsum plushies cost?