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Hai guys!  ^-^

Sorry this is going to be a pretty busy journal post.  I'll try and be as concise as possible :P

1) Commissions are OPEN! :excited: revamp... again.(from now until 6pm Friday 9/5/14
New Zealand Time)

I will be open for 3 slots
Only 1 pony per slot please
I can make fillies (starts at $200USD), mares (starts at $290USD), stallions (start at $300USD)
I will review all commission requests received until 6pm Friday 9/5/14 (New Zealand Time) and choose the ones most interesting to me
I will contact successful commissioners within 48 hours after my commissions have ended
Payment for all invoices must be paid within 3 working days.  If you have issues fulfilling this, please contact me beforehand

❤ Please read here for more commission info
❤ You can request for a commission slot/price quote here

2) Design-An-OC-For-Me plushie contest:lovesquee:  (from now until 6pm 27/6/14
New Zealand Time)

I need more OCs to plushify :) so I thought I'd bribe you guys with a chance to win a custom pony plushie from me in exchange for some nice OCs :D

You have to be a watcher
You have to design an original character in the MLP:FiM show style for me and present it on a character reference sheet (it does not need to be a vector or digital art)
The character reference sheet should include at least:
    - OC's name
    - OC's brief backstory
    - OC when viewed from the left side
    - OC when viewed from the right side
    - OC's eye design
    - OC's cutie marks (if any)
All pony types are accepted (mares/fillies/stallions/alicorns etc)
Only 1 entry per person please
Please submit your entry by commenting on this journal with a link to your submission
I will favourite all entries here:…

❤ 1st place - Custom pony plushie of your choice from me*
❤ 2nd place - $40USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 3rd place - $20USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 4th place - $10USD prize money & 15% discount off my commissions
❤ 5th place - $10USD prize money & 10% discount off my commissions
❤ All other contest participants will receive a 10% discount off my commissions (please note, discounts do not stack!)
I will be keeping the top 5 OCs

*Custom pony plushie must be of my finalized and existing pattern (filly/mare/stallion).  Simple accessories are ok, but no highly complex outfits please.

I will pay for shipping costs, but please be advised that the shipping would be via international Economy which is untracked and could take up to 10-25 working days to arrive its destination.

If you would like a tracked and faster shipping option, then you would have to help pay for a part of the shipping fee (part-payment would be about $20-30USD).  This is generally via International Economy Courier which would take about 2-6 working days to arrive its destination.

Who wins
❤ The contest winner will be announced within 72 hours of the contest ending
❤ I will choose the winner based on creativity, uniqueness and how well I think the OC would plush

3) Plush Charity Auction for Breast Cancer!

The kind and wonderful :iconequinepalette: is holding a plush charity auction for breast cancer!  Please check it out here:

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Here is the link to my submission. I apologize if this is a double post, but I don't actually think I submitted the last one. XD
Have a great day!