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Vinyl Scratch Plushie WIP (Commission)

Here is a quick WIP pic for my Vinyl Scratch plushie commission!  Red eyes and tail design as per commissioner's request.  Vinyl still needs her glasses and socks/scarf.  I'm still waiting on minky from Korea to arrive to make her glasses (I ordered it last week and the seller told me to allow for 3 weeks for shipping >.< I hope it won't take THAT long!).

I'm also working on a Twilight Sparkle plushie for myself - 70% complete

WIP commission for :iconslimroach: - hope you like her so far!!!!  :)

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Regarding this the stuffed?
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yes, it is stuffed with polyester filling :)
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this has sold already, please read my commission info for prices:…

please keep in mind though, my commissions are currently closed.



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You're very welcome!
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She's so cute! I'm loving the eyes and the tail and mane work do perfectly together! You did a great job once again! :D
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Thank you so much!  I'm glad you like her!!!  :D
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d'awwww...i guess the only thing to do now is teach you how dubstep is made
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Hahaha, thanks!  Sounds good to me!  :D
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Ooooooooo she looks so awesome!!! I still love your pony pattern so much<3 You really made it look amazing~ And her tail! Oh my I love that design~ :love:

I can't wait to see Twi! Is she going to be unicorn Twi or Alicorn Twi?
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Thanks so much!  :3 hmm... I'm going to try my luck with removable wings..... But if that doesn't work out, I'll probably choose to go with alicorn Twi xD
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Ooo that would be so cool if they worked out~ :D I haven't seen anyone try that idea before!
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I am really hoping it'll work!  XD fingers and toes crossed!
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*crosses arms, legs, fingers, toes, and eyes*
You can do it! :squee:
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Hahaha, thanks so much!  I really appreciate it!
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You're welcome<3 :D
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Omg she is so awesome, I can fell the wubs. Wub wub wub wub wub wub. I know she will be perfect. *\(^o^)/*
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Yay!  I'm glad you like her so far!  I wish I can finish her soooooonnnn!  
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WOW she looks great!! :heart:
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Thank you so much!  :D :D
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She looks so adorable. When you're done, you should totally take pictures of her with Octi, super cute pair. X3
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