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The Pegasi...

By moggymawee
Checkout my latest Fluttershy & RD:

Fluttershy plushies x2 (one is for sale!) by moggymawee Rainbow Dash plushie by moggymawee 

It's summer in New Zealand so there's plenty of sunshine!  It was such a beautiful day today, so I just couldn't resist taking another pic of these two cuties before putting them away on my display shelves :)

Fluttershy plushie for myself :3 by moggymawee

Rainbow Dash plushie II by moggymawee

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PrettyMuchPluto's avatar
Your plushies are kind of amazing. They capture the actual cartoon style so well. Looks like great craftsmanship.
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so very much!  I'm so happy you think so and like them!!!  YAY!  ^^ :hug:
lisalovesjoker's avatar
in case your wondeig posion joke has hair that gose around her neck and a tail style like rainbow dash's her mane
and tail is all brown I hope that will help you
NiftyMeg's avatar
Omg so awesome :)
moggymawee's avatar
Hehe, thank you so much!  :)
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much! :3 they are so bright and colourful!
KittyCuddleCakes's avatar
You're welcome :) I know. I've always loved rd's main colors.
CoffeeCupPup's avatar cute together! :)

Whoa, it's summer over there! It took me a moment to think about that. XD
I'm just curious...for you guys...since it's summer...then, there's no such thing as a "white Christmas", or snowy winter holidays? What are the holidays like for New Zealanders?
moggymawee's avatar
Thanks!  :3 and yes!  It is indeed summer here!  So unfortunately, no white Christmas >.< For us, Christmas is all about the beach, barbecue, and sandals!  XD
CoffeeCupPup's avatar
Haha whoaa, that is so different! Do you guys put up lights an wreaths and such too, though?
moggymawee's avatar
Yep! We sure do! We even have white Christmas trees to imitate the 'white Christmas' look hahaha
lilsprout's avatar
They look so adorable together! I just want to cuddle with them all day! Great job!
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much! I am glad you like them! They are very cuddly! :3
davidsfire's avatar
Awww they look so cute and so huggleble together
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much!! They are very huggable, that I can confirm hehe :)
PastelPen's avatar
AH!!!! t ewjkbt so cute!
moggymawee's avatar
Hehehe, thank you so much!  :D
DreamyEevee's avatar
Summer ahhhh you're lucky >.< it's -4 degrees here right now. 

They are so adorable!!!!<333 and I still cant get over your adorable Fluttershy<3 and RD came out amazing as well! :D
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much!  And yes!  It's pretty warm here in the daytime!  At least 25 degrees +.  Oh nooo!  -4 degrees!  >.< eeeeeeekkkk!  Be sure to dress warm!  It's 2am now and 18 degrees over here :3
DreamyEevee's avatar
No problem<3

Wait. 25+ degrees…summer…18 degrees…

:noes: That's freezing! That's usually the winter temps over here! Our summer days are anywhere from 70-90 degrees. I would not be able to live where you are cause that is soooo cooooold! Our summer nights are usually 50-60 degrees. O.o
moggymawee's avatar
Lol! I think I am a little too vague! In NZ we use degrees celsius, so it would be about 80 in daytime and 65 at night! XD
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