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Roseluck plushie #2

By moggymawee
Roseluck #2!!!  ^o^  So sorry for the Roseluck spam, but I loved my first Roseluck plush so much that I just HAD to make one for myself >.> I tried to make her a little different this time to keep it interesting.  I decided to try out crimson minky for her hair, it's slightly lighter and redder than grape/wine minky, which is deeper and has a purplier (is that even a word?  o.O) tone to it.  I wish there were a colour in between, it would be perfect for Roseluck.

Anyway!  Apart from the crimson, she's pretty much the same as the 1st one.  Her forelock is side-swept to the left to try and capture that 3D look.  Hope you guys like her!  :D

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics
*Minky colours: vanilla, dusty rose, crimson
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, craft foam and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread, madeira polyneon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Embroidery thread: threadelight rayon embroidery thread
*Size: Approx 17" tall, 15" long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front right hoof

I took a picture of her and Wisteria Bell together since it's such a beautiful day today ^o^ I still haven't had a chance to organize my shelves to make space for Wisteria :X (and now Roseluck, and soon Sweetie Belle xD)

Soooooo.... my next project should be a Sweetie Belle for myself, then hopefully some interesting commissions!  ^o^  My commissions are currently open, and will remain open until 6pm Friday 9/5/14  New Zealand Time.

Also, in case you missed my latest journal post, I've currently got a plushie contest going on where you can have a chance to win a free custom plushie (+ prize money and commission discounts!) from me!!!  You can check it out here:

Commissions Open + Plushie Contest + Auction!Hai guys!  ^-^
Sorry this is going to be a pretty busy journal post.  I'll try and be as concise as possible :P

1) Commissions are OPEN! :excited: revamp... again.(from now until 6pm Friday 9/5/14
New Zealand Time)
I will be open for 3 slots

Only 1 pony per slot please
I can make fillies (starts at $200USD), mares (starts at $290USD), stallions (start at $300USD)

Wisteria Bell plushie (my OC) by moggymawee

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!  :)

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I have a very nice Roseluck for myself, but I want more! I want all the redheaded ponies, I'm sure Cherries Jubilee is next for me, but this Roseluck is so lovely. The mane down her neck is particularly well done, and the colors so bright and perfect. Lovely work as always.
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Thank you so much!  :3 how lovely of you to leave such a sweet comment! <3 Roseluck is indeed such a pretty pony!  And Cherry Jubilee too!  I imagine she'd be quite a challenge to plush!  :D
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Are your commissions still open? Your plushies are absolutely amazing!
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thank you so much!  I'm so happy you like my work!!!  :D unfortunately, my commissions are currently closed.  If you'd like more info about my commissions, you can find it here:…
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thank you so much!!!  ^.^
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Excuse me do you have any patterns for a stallion and mare?
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I do, but I don't share them to the public
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Oh, thank you anyways. I'll have to draw my own I suppose.
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yes!  :) totally give it a go!  we all start somewhere ;)
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Very nice job!
Roseluck always needs more love. :)
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thank you so much!  yes!  she certainly does!!!!!
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I don't think purplier is a word, but it is the absolute perfect description for her minky  Awesome job as always!
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so much!  yea!  Roseluck has such a pretty colour scheme (and such a beautiful cutie mark!!!  is she like a florist who specializes in roses???)
GreenTeaCreations's avatar
Yep!!  When I make myself another plushie, it will most likely be Roseluck.  Her colors are just too pretty!!!
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Yay, more Roseluck!  I love the photo of her with Wisteria; the natural light really shows off the hair color.  It looks like they're having a talk about something too.  You don't happen to know what they were chatting about, do you?  Maybe Rose is all excited to meet everyone, but Wisteria told her "Sure, but hooves off Braeburn; I saw him first."  ;P
moggymawee's avatar
OMG!  LOL!!!!!  XD maybe :P I've actually been thinking of little backstories for my OCs, and Wisteria Bell has a little one w Dusk, since they share a similar colour scheme and all, but yea... maybe I'll flesh it out some more in the future :P  it's a lot of fun bringing them to life!  ^O^  And for some reason, some colours come out funny on my camera, no matter how hard I try >.> but the red really shows in that natural light pic!
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haha, thank you so much!  Roseluck is such a pretty character isn't she?  :)
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She has always been my favorite.
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Aw she is cute!!
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