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Mardelia Plushie!!!! (my ponysona)

By moggymawee
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I've finally plushified my ponysona Mardelia!  I feel so accomplished!  X3

I decided to take a short holiday from commissions and work on my own project this weekends.  I fully didn't expect on finishing Mardelia, but I'm so happy (and relieved) that I did!  But omg, that hair!  @.@

Honestly though, her hair took a LOT longer than I'd expected.  I could've sewn an entire pony (of course, a fairly straightforward one like Roseluck) for the time I spent drawing/cutting/lining everything up/sewing/pulling out stabilisers/stuffing her hair.  Seriously.  My fingers and hands are arthritic from the whole process.  I think just satin stitching all the little strips in took 4-5 hours (seriously!).

I'm also very excited I got to use one of the new shannon purples - amethyst in her hair!  Yay!  I love finding excuses to use the new shannon colours ;).

The crystal embellishments under her eyes are licensed swarovskis, so they shimmer and sparkle a lot more than other generic craft "crystals" (I bought a whole bunch from the local gem store to compare :P).  I plan to use swarovskis for my future Luna plush too!  So I'm really looking forward to that!  I wish I could spam these crystals on every plush!  I've thought about incorporating it in my signature, but then it'd be on their hooves and that'd be kinda awkward :/

Anyway!  I hope you guys like Mardelia as much as me!!  ^^.  I can't wait to take a new profile pic with her!  ;)

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics, minky baby fabric
*Minky colours: bubblegum pink, black, aqua, sky, cobalt, amethyst, raspberry
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, quilt batting, craft foam and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, madeira polyneon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 16" tall, 14" long
*Others: licensed swarovski crystals 6x
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front right hoof

My next priority is working on my last commission for this round, which hopefully shouldn't take too long.  Then I'm going to finish off my OC Autumn Orchid (have played with my airbrush, it's so much fun!), and start plushing some princesses.

Just a reminder that my free plushie contest is still ongoing but will be closing in less than a month's time:…

^^ that's all for now!!!

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Wow she looks great!

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can you make me?!!!
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Thank you for liking my work!  :)  This is my OC so I won't be re-making her for others, but if you're interested in commissioning for other ponies, pls check out my commission info:…
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Thanks for the lama badge
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you're so very welcome!  thank you so much for your watch and support :)
Starstrike-the-pony's avatar
Wow your a pro at this
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so much!  :)  I'm glad you like my work!  ^^
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Aww I just want to give her all kinds of hugs and cuddles! >w< Great work!
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thank you so much!  she's pretty cuddly and soft ;) and always welcoming of cuddles ^^
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Ooo, best kind of poni :D
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so beautiful can u make me a custom pony plush please im only 14 I dnt hv money but I love to cuddle ill pay with cuddles!
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thank you so much!  I'm so happy you like her!  ^^
Seaninmate's avatar
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So beautiful! Amazing work! :heart:
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thank you so much!  I'm so delighted you like her!!!!  ^______^ thank youuuuu!
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WHOA!! :O :O Oh my! I can't even, that plushie is so incredibly good O.O
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much!!!!!!  Your kind comment has made me soooo happy!!!  Mardelia's my ponysona, so I'm always extra happy when someone else likes her too :) thank you!  :hug:
PonyUniverse's avatar
(Sorry for late reply! ^^;)
You're very welcome! :)
moggymawee's avatar
haha, YAY!  Thank you so very much!!!!!  ^.^  I'm super duper happy you like her!!!  I'm always over the moon when someone likes my ponysona ;) :heart:
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she looks like aria blaze from MLP EG rainbow rocks.
moggymawee's avatar
oh yea?  not sure who that is, but thanks :)
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