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Carrot Top/Golden Harvest Plushie

I felt super motivated after finishing all my commissions, so I decided to work on my own poor neglected Carrot Top/Golden Harvest plushie which I started working on several months back ^^".  She stood bald on my sewing desk for what seemed like forever!

Anyway, I'm super super happy she's finally finished!  And that I can add another pony to my collection!  ;)

I'm not sure why, but I'm just completely and utterly obsessed with this background pony!  Honestly!  And I don't even like orange/yellow x3 I just feel so blissful looking at her :) with her luscious golden locks and all (she kinda reminds me of Braeburn, who's my favourite stallion from the show).

All her curls are 3D (so they are not just topstitched in).  Carrot Top's forelock was a  lot trickier to get right than I'd anticipated, but I'm extremely pleased with the end result!  She just looks sooooo adorable!!!  >.< I love her so much!  *hugs Carrot Top plushie a million times*.

I decided to go with shannon mango minky for her mane/tail (rather than the usual orange).  I just feel shannon orange is a bit "too" orange for her... her mane/tail is more like a golden/sunshine orange in my opinion :S

Anyway, I hope you guys like her as much as me!  She was so much fun to make!!!!!  ^_____^ it's nice to be able to sew something for myself again :)

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics
*Minky colours: vanilla, mango
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, quilt batting, craft foam and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, madeira polyneon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 16" tall, 16" long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front left hoof

Now for some quick announcements!  ^^  I've decided to delay opening my commissions until December.  I really enjoy having time to sew for myself again, so I want to make use of that a little longer :P I still have to finish my poor bald and neglected Fantastia/Lucid Tone OC.

I have tried to reply to most messages/notes/comments, but there are still a handful left so I'll be replying to them later this afternoon!!!  :3

Anyway!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  ^______^

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can you do Daisy?
moggymawee's avatar
Yea, I could.  Please check my commission info if you're interested in commissioning me:…
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aaah !!this looks beautiful !! carrot top is my favorite mare as well *o* i wish i could have her !! ;0;
moggymawee's avatar
aww, thank you so much!  I'm a huge Carrot Top fan too!  :D her hair is just so pretty and she's so vibrant!  :D thank you for liking her!!!
Percy-McMurphy's avatar
That tail :omg: I must touch it :XD:
moggymawee's avatar
LOL!  haha, yes, with all them curlies ;) thanks!  ^^
Percy-McMurphy's avatar
:XD: You're welcome! :la:
ArtNinja101's avatar
Looks absolutely fantastic! It looks so clean cut! Awesome work ^^
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so very much!!!  :) I'm super delighted you like her!!!  ^o^
MonochromeRush's avatar
Best pony became best plushie ! \o/
Kyoshyu's avatar
Carrot Top doesn't get enough love! :la:
moggymawee's avatar
no she doesn't!  but she's so adorable!!!  >.< I love her so much!
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 Ohhh carrot top, looks so cute, i think she habe a cute colors, i love the mane, and i i can see the little detalied, a very awesome Job 
moggymawee's avatar
thanks!  glad you like her ^^
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ooooh she looks pretty !! hehe I understand why you would love her even being a background pony, she is one of my favorites too, together with rose luck (:>

i love how you did the curly hair, and im sure she is also happy to finally be finished then, all her waiting was worth it !! 
moggymawee's avatar
Ooooo!  Really?!  That's super awesome to hear!  I'm so happy you share the same love for her!!!!   :P Roseluck is a very pretty pony, I'm a fan of her too!  :3  Thank you for liking her curls!  I had a lot of fun sewing them, and they're my absolute favourite part about her!  Yep!  Indeed, she's happy she finally has hair!!! xD
SiamchuchusPlushies's avatar
moggymawee's avatar
thank you so very much!  :)
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So glad to see her finally finished!  Oooh, she's adorable!  The work you put into those curls really shows, but would you just look at that tail?!  I love how it curves around so much.  It reminds me of your earlier work with Pinkie Pie's forelock and Fluttershy's tail; they had long, almost exaggerated, curves to them as well.  It's part of your style I've always liked.  I think I even called it "woosh" with your recent Beauty Brass plush.  Your plushies got "woosh," girl! ;D

Really fantastic job!  :D
moggymawee's avatar
Lol!  :) that's a very interesting way to put it!  :P "woooooosh"!  Thank you so very much for liking her!  Especially her curls!  They're my absolute favourite things about her!  And it was definitely a lot of fun sewing them & seeing them take form!!!!  Hurray!  My plushies have the "woooooosh!!!!!!!"  haha xD 
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I'm soooo sorry I didn't comment on this earlier, or on the last one, or even the one before that! I'm not dead! I'll make this one extra good!

those colours!! Every time I see mango minky, I love it even more! And boy am I glad you didn't use orange, that would have been overpowering her gorgeous yellow! I don't even like yellow or orange! And I love the change from a yellow minky to a kind of subtle cream, it looks great on her, and lets that gorgeous orange stand out!

Those eyes still look sooo big Moggy! They're gorgeous! Are you sure your eyes haven't gotten bigger? Or maybe the heads smaller? They're massively gorgeous!

Those curls look like they were impossible! There are so many, and they're soooo cute! They're teeny! And that tail is sooo elegant! It's like a nice flowy cascade of curls!

I'm out, or else I might catch the diabeetus!
moggymawee's avatar
Thank you so much!  :) and don't worry!  I've been pretty MIA on DA myself :P  I'm happy you agree with my minky colour choices!  ^__^

And yea, the eyes are not bigger than usual, and the head size is the same, I haven't changed my pattern at all since I started plushing.  Every plush is handcrafted so inevitably slightly different, eg eye placement/how the hair/mane covers the face so maybe that's why you feel that way?  They all look the same to me :shrug: rvmp

I love her curls too!  they're my absolute favourite part about her!  ^^

I'm super duper happy to have her in my collection!  :)
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I'll try to save up my pennies for December!
She's gorgeous! It's good to have a favorite background pony. Mine is "Doc Brown", though I don't know if they've given him an official name yet or not. He looks like the doc from Back to the Future. I adore him.
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