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049 Being A French Girl by RoslynnSommers 049 Being A French Girl :iconroslynnsommers:RoslynnSommers 61 17 Cicero Shaming by Foolish-Hearts Cicero Shaming :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 22 30
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 069
    Jade was gently awoken by the sound some someone singing softly. She opened her eyes feeling safe and comfortable for the first time in a very long while. The warm and kind sounding voice hummed a calming melody beside her. She knew who it was but couldn't believe it. He used to sing all the time. Annoying rhymes and psychotic ballads while laughing and cackling. But he didn't sound the same this time. She laid still and listened.
    “...and I never thought you'd ever be... but here you are, a blessing to me. I'm your father, your guardian, your keeper, your friend. I'll keep you from harm... forever mine to defend...”
    Jade smiled a little and slowly turned over. Cicero was laying on the bed beside her cradling the sleeping child against him. He continued to peacefully hum the calming tune as he delicately rubbed his fingers on Eris's back. Fres
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 9 23
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 066
“A Sinner's Metanoia”

    Cicero closed his left eye, raising his bow to aim at the target at the end of the room. He exhaled lightly and released the string, the ebony arrow effortlessly hitting the bullseye. He lowered the bow and frowned staring at the target for a moment before lumbering over and pulling the arrow out. Not very satisfying. Cicero turned and paced around the room a bit looking about restlessly before his eyes landed on a mounted scroll of the 'Five Tenets' at the end of the hall. With almost no hesitation, he nocked the arrow, drew the string and shot. It hit perfectly in the middle of the faded handprint.
    Krow stepped around the corner looking at the arrow, “I think you missed the target, man... by a LOT.”
    “No training today,” Cicero placed his bow on the rack by the wall, “I can't focus...”
    “Welcome t
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 4 27
Invoked Wrath by Foolish-Hearts Invoked Wrath :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 22 12 I Love You? by Foolish-Hearts I Love You? :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 18 19 Please... Let Me Stay by Foolish-Hearts Please... Let Me Stay :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 30 16
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 057
“The Distraction”
    Caravans of travelers from all around Skyrim were already flooding into the city of Whiterun. The temple of Kynareth was offering free healing to those judged worthy and people of all races, creeds, and ailments wanted a chance to be healed. There seemed to be more guards patrolling the streets than usual along with some off duty Stormcloak soldiers. This was expected, though. More people means more security issues.
    Cicero chewed his lip and attempted to count and memorize the locations of each guard near the main gate. It shouldn't be difficult to blend in.
    “Can we get some beer after this?” Krow asked dusting some ash from his shoulder.
    “What is it with you and drinking?” Cicero asked while continuing to watch the migrating crowd, “What are you, like 12?”
    Krow glanced
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 9 13
The Baroness by SlayerSyrena The Baroness :iconslayersyrena:SlayerSyrena 26 2 Ancient Blood Height Chart (and stats) by Foolish-Hearts Ancient Blood Height Chart (and stats) :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 41 41
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 054
“Cicero's Journal, Volume 7”
12th of Morning Star, 4E 202
    The new year is off to a great start! Since the Night Mother's return to the flesh a little over three months ago, the Dark Brotherhood has taken a fresh breath of life itself. The souls of the five children of Sithis have been placed into mortal bodies to lead the future Uprising. Each will become a Speaker for one of the old Sanctuaries around Tamriel. Mother has tasked me to train them in both combat training and the knowledge of the elders. No longer a mere Keeper, I've been honored with the new role of Knower.  Being the last of the original Dark Brotherhood following, it is my duty to make sure that my knowledge is carried forth. Never again can we allow another occurrence like what happened in Falkreath. Faith in the words of the Night Mother and the rule of the Dread Father must be instilled into future generations of the Brotherhood.
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 8 6
The Burden of Denial by Foolish-Hearts The Burden of Denial :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 31 24 Detected by Foolish-Hearts Detected :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 31 11 Handsome Idiot by Foolish-Hearts Handsome Idiot :iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 33 20
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 052
“Burdens to Carry”
    About three months had passed since Jade went into hiding in Whiterun. As thane, it seemed like a safe place to hunker down. She'd tried to keep out of the eye of the public and limit her excursions to simple fetch quests locally. Having her Dragonborn abilities stunted for unknown reasons and the potential of the Dark Brotherhood hunting her down, she didn't want to take a chance of getting caught in a dangerous situation she couldn't fight her way out of. Her pride just couldn't take it.
    Jade moaned as she struggled with her leather armor in the bedroom of her stable home in the heart of Whiterun. She inhaled and held her breath as she desperately tried to clasp the cuirass across her stomach. She was in denial of the amount of weight she had gained in the last month alone. It wasn't much, but it was noticeable. Jade threw herself back onto the bed and kicke
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 6 12
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 050
“Field Study”
Live Falmer report: Entry 07
Date: Loredas, 14th of Frostfall, 4E 201
Time: Late afternoon, around 16:00
Location: Dawnstar, Northern Skyrim
Weather: Fair
    The female Falmer has exited the creepy dwelling with the male Bosmer. It has been a couple days since I've seen her. I'm not sure what is in there or how many people reside there or for what purpose. While attempting to gain access, I quickly found that there is a strange darker force keeping it locked up tight. Without some sort of passphrase, I don't think I'll be able to investigate that mystery any further.
Note to self: Hire someone to either find the passphrase or bust the door down. Perhaps there's another entrance? I'll keep scoping later.
    They (the occupants of the creepy dwelling) refer to the Falmer as Ruby. That is most likely an alias or a nickname since in all of my research, I've never seen that word used w
:iconfoolish-hearts:Foolish-Hearts 5 6


Can you believe it's been nearly 5 years since Skyrim was released. That awesome release date it had as well...11/11/11 :D

And here I am, still playing the shit out of it :D 

I am in the middle of making an image for this occasion, just have to remember all those console commands I used to use making the image...Google to the rescue! :giggle:
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United Kingdom
Will try and think of something funny to put here when I think of something O-o


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