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Sora - Toon Shader

By mogcaiz
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Woot? It actually looks like a drawing! Does it mean I can draw...?

Just for the fun, I tested my Sora modell with the shader called "Ink'n' paint" in 3dsmax. Some minor photoshop work had to be done to smooth out the glitches with the toon shader. Combining this shader, with a ambient/reflective/occlusion shader, the result became unexpectedly nice!

This is just a test render I did, so i didnt look at the colors so much. Im aware his hair should be less red, and his shoulderpads more blue/grey.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this shading as much as I do!


Tools: 3Dsmax9, After Effects, Photoshop
Time: 2-3 hours
Frustration level: slightly
Experience gained: 40

Sora & Kingdom Hearts II © 2006 Square-Enix
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do you have a tutorial on youtube explaning how you did this ? 
bigbadqueen's avatar
is this draw ? or it is CGI with toon shading cause seriosly i cant tell O.O 
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its 3d render of a model 'sora' with a toon shader to make it look like a drawing
nice job, looks great :D !!!
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this is really good. Is toon shader a plugin on after effects or max?
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I wish I was that good at cel shadeing
the face looks flat-ish and not round enough.. it stands out immediately D:
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I try Ink n Paint and my model go wreck lol

Yours so neat
mora-KBM's avatar
Your A Platinum Medal Artist :D
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Uuummmm..... you wouldn't happen to still have the .3ds file, would you? If you do could I use it ?
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OMG Please I have been searching lots of places for a tutorial on how to cell shade/ink&paint my anime character... Like everytime I do it in 3Ds max 2010 the Ink lines are NEVER right. Yours are perfect EXACTLY how I want mine... Please like somehow can you tell me the Ink properties you set, or a tutorial of how you did the ink bit soooooo good? ANYTHING would be awesome!
Thanks ^^
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Hello! :) Sure I can tell you. But you will be disappointed. My ink'n'paint render were imperfect as well. I merely fixed those spots with issues in photoshop after wards :') However there are other renders you might want to try out, such as Cebas Final Toon or something. I'm not familiar with them, but it's worth a try.
Depending on your model and animation, you can also create outlines using geometry duplication.
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Thanks heaps. Im checking out those render plugins now ^^
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I was looking into 3d modeling, and was wondering what to chose... This has made my decision for me. Nicely done.
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I Think Toon Shader Is The Way To Go With This One! Your 3D Model Of Sora That I Say Was Good :D Though, I Think If It Had Toon Shade On It, It Would Be Better!
mogcaiz's avatar
Maybe :p or maybe not. It was just a test :)
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one of the best 3d models i have found on deviantart, definite part of the top 3 list list in my mind right now. oh and the hair is fine.
instant fave.
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that's soo COOL~!! how can u do that?? and what is the programes name?? ^^
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Thank you :)
I guess I only had some spare time to use ^^;
The software I use is mainly 3dsmax!
Bunniesqueen's avatar
uuh.. ok ^^ ur welcome =D and thx alot xD
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It looks like a straight-from-the-TV anime char!!

I love every the polygons(or is it NURBS?) of it!!
The line,the textures,the touches.....ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Can't stand it!!!! :hug:

Oh,i'm in love,Sora....... :film:
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are the eyes separate or a texture
mogcaiz's avatar
Not sure I understand your question, for they are kinda both.
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