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Noctus Lucius Caelium Cosplay 1

By mogcaiz
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Noctus Lucius Caelium
Final Fantasy XIII Versus

Not much to say, other than this was taken while I was on the stage, showing off my cosplay at Desucon 5.
Shivers through the spine was ensued. Also lots of fun!

For sword info, check out my other sword deviations:

I might add more photos of this old cosplay someday.. .but for now, its lazy time~

Cosplay by :iconmogcaiz:

Photograph by Thomas Andersen
Desucon 2010, Norway Oslo.
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Wow that's actually way impressive. Did you also make the costume?
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Amazing pose and perspective!
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impressive cosplay man !!!!
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Hehe, thanks JR! I'm not keeping you up at night because I semi stopped doing 3D, am I? :p
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good good ^^ I work with 3d almost everyday at work, so Im kinda fed up to work at home. Unfortunately not expanding my skills as much then :-/
How about you?
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kind of the same for me too >___< but this week i have free time :) so i can work on personal stuff :)
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Simply amazing~
Phoenix-of-a-Down's avatar
Glad to see you actually use that again! --ohwait, that was a year ago? Well... at least it did what it was made for~
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Yeah ^^; the picture is like 1,5 year ago.. man time pass fast when you are having fun :)
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omg i love your arms <3 *-* you should add more photos of this cosplay^^
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Haha x) My arms? Never heard someone say that before... I'm not even trained ^^;
I will try to add some more photos once in a while :3
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