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Floppy Standing Pony Pattern


Finally! I've been asked to release this pattern for ages. Since I'm not making floppy style plushies anymore (other than my beanies) I've decided to finally release my floppy standing/laying pony pattern! All my current patterns and embroidery files should be compatible with this pattern. I'll be going back later and adjusting anything that needs it (clothing will need a new pattern, and tails will need minor adjustments). Embroidery will also fit, just the guidelines will be off.

Currently these are not available as beanie kits, but they will in the future (as well as larger plush kits), That being said, you can probably still use my beanie kit materials to make one, the head and legs should still fit fine on the fabric, guidelines will be off is all.

I plan to release a 10-12 inch version later as an update. It should scale up fine, but I want to test it before formally releasing it.
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oh noooo ;u; I finally had the funds to purchase the pattern, i'm so sad i missed it on etsy :(
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do you have a pattern of Songbird Serenade?
MofuMofuMoth's avatar
Not yet, but I can add her in the next poll. :)
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that be nice :D shes such a great pony
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Also, if we purchase this pattern, would the 10-12 inch one become a free update for us??? 
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This is amazing! However, since i don't own my own embroidery machine, would iron on felt eyes and cutiemarks work instead?
MofuMofuMoth's avatar
You could use felt, yes. I think the better alternatives would be printed iron-on or painted cotton for the eyes, but felt, or even minky works fine for cutie marks. I do actually sell kits for this in my etsy with the embroidery and fabric included though. :)
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Great! Thank you for responding!^.^
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That is absolutely adorable!!
PlanetPlush's avatar
Will definitely be getting this one sometime! My AJ needs a buddy!
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I don't know if I want this one or the 10-12 inch one... HMMMMMM. I already have my own pony pattern (somewhere, I have to find it, since I shoved it away when I moved, long before I knew I'd be getting a sewing machine haha) but I love your stuff so much I'd love to be able to make a big version of the floppy. (and I have twi color minky on hand right now *_*)
MofuMofuMoth's avatar
The 10-12 inch pattern will be an update to this one, you won't have to pay extra. for it. :)
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Will you sell embroidery files to go with the 10-12 inch pattern?  The files that are already in the store are for the smaller size, right?  (Also, I can't wait to see how Velvet comes out!!)
MofuMofuMoth's avatar
Yes the one's in the store are for the smaller ponies right now. I do plan to release the bigger size files later on though.
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I have been dying for this pattern for ages! Thank you so much!
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