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FONT - Buttons and Patches

Made this for Typography class and turned it into a working font on my own. Stupid font program was a pain, vector in general is a pain but I think it's kinda cool. It looks terrible small but it looks good around 26 pt or so.

If you wanna use it feel free to ^^ But credit would be nice if you do <3

<-- Click the download button on the left sidebar to get the file and just drag into the fonts folder on your computer to install. :3

Also if you find anything that looks weird or bad, let me know and I'll fix it xD
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When it comes to fonts I do a lot of obsessive observation and I myself have been making fonts for a couple years, this really is a good font. You've got a neat graffiti, cartoony but old fashioned look to it which makes it flexible.

The main purpose or use of this font though would probably be people who do digital scrap booking, and the fact that it has a lot of neat graffiti styled characters may be a turn off to those types of people since most are over 40 and have kids and not into that sort of thing. I like that some letters look like thread and that some have a different weight. The style you have for the characters on the right side is really neat as well and I think you could be great at graffiti fonts if you were to ever design another font.

For a font though it is good, and if I had to make any suggestions it would be to try to work with consistancy a little bit better. For example I like the K and think the lowercase K matches the general theme you had going but then you have that lowercase S which looks more like quick graffiti and the lowercase Z which looks like one of those Chinese impersonation fonts.

I like it it and I think you should keep doing fonts, maybe another version of this one and instead of buttons use stars or stripes, make a patterned theme font pack or something.