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Mobius Forum Club
Welcome to MoFoers of deviantART, a dA club for deviants who also happen to be members of the Mobius Forum, or MoFo for short.  If you're a member of the MoFo and you wish to join, simply send a note and the first admin to pick up the note will add you the members list (located in the sig).

For those that are interested, the MoFo is located here:…



UPDATE 19/08 by j-man

Yes, still here. I almost forgot about this place...added six new members (lukeweldon, Jaffa-X, SonicXFan, Bellevue-DarkKnight, Papirini, rufus-kun) and cleared out the messages and so on. Nothing new here really, apart from the fact I still need to finish that gift pic for neoyi...that's a record 8 months of professional crastination. I'm so cool.

By the way, if I don't check back here often enough, message my main account to slap my wrist. It appears that I'm the only one who ever comes here anymore, so I'm the guy to speak to.

-- J

UPDATE 29/05 by j-man

I'm not dead, and neither is the club. :) I've got a few new members to add, and I'm working on neoyi's gift picture finally. See you next update, I've got some work to do. :/

-- J

UPDATE 16/03 by j-man

Added a new submission from silversword, as you may be able to see over on the left of your peripheral vision. Also, I've been attempting to reconcile this whole "gift picture" debacle from the Christmas competition. If neoyi still wants it, you'll see it here in the next few days.

-- J-man
Brain the size of a planet...

UPDATE 28/02 by j-man

I'd just like to point out that Sythiar is not the only one with a lot of real life to handle. I doubt anyone gives a damn about just what kind of life I've been having to handle, so I won't go into details. I will, however, request that next time our head admin email me with this sort of problem instead of making me and the others look like incompetent timewasters. There are good admins, thanks, but we just have more important things to do sometimes than to check a dA account every night only to find a Hot Topic and a couple of journals.



UPDATE 04/02 by sythiar
This is so pathetic - it honestly seems that I'm the only one doing something for this club. No one of the others even looks at it for a week or more. I would have looked at it, but I had exams and those just come first...
*shakes head* And also I don't have as much time as I would like for this, since I still have work for uni to do. And since the other admins don't do anything for this club the air gets pretty stale around here whenever I come around to see if there are any new things, comments and notes. I could go on ranting here, but I guess this is just no use.... I just apologize to all the club members for the lack of updates and the long time it takes for me to reply.
Anyway. Today I updated with another member. Please welcome Mike1204.

UPDATE 22/01 by sythiar
I submitted the MoFoers Christmas contest piccie and added some more deviants to our club.

UPDATE 28/12 by sythiar
The X-Mas contest is closed now. I guess we shall let you guys know soon who will have won. So stay tuned!!!

UPDATE 23/12 by j-man
It's rapidly approaching the big 2-5 and we only have one more entry...what we have so far is fantastic, so lets see us some more pics! Come on people, I'm not paying you to goldbrick. ;)

UPDATE 14/12 by sythiar
I added the MoFoers DarknessbUnnie, Tobias-Myth, neoncat today. Other than that: we had another entry... I wonder how many will be following up...

UPDATE 7/12 by j-man
Rah! Added JamiRu to the members list, and we have our first entry for the X-mas Competition! Let's hope this is the first of many, people...:)


General Rules:
1). All the applicable rules of the MoFo apply.
2). To join, you simply need to be a member of dA and the MoFo, there are no other conditions.  However, you must send a note, and tell us your username, just so we can just make sure.</u>
3). To become an admin at MFodA, you have to be chosen by one of the admins and the majority of the current admins have to agree.
4). If you wish to have your work submitted, send a note with a link to the piece and one of the admins will upload it.
5). On a related note, all submissions must somehow relate to the MoFo, and don't go overboard.  There are only so many admins, and other members might want to submit too. ;)

Admin Rules:
1). Upon adding a member, add them to the Friends group 'Members'; this will make things easier if we implement some sort of newsletter.  Make sure that when you do so to not watch deviations or journals, so as not to clog dA's servers with unneccessary messages.
2). If you have a routine announcement, such as new members, just edit it into the previous entry, making sure the title is 'MoFoers of deviantART' (this last part is to be temporarily ignored until rule 4 is fully implemented)
3). If you have an important announcment that you want to bring to the attention of the other admins, make a new journal entry with a title other than 'MoFoers of deviantART'.
4). To ensure the efficient execution of the above rule, all admins must watch the club's journal entries.
5). If you want to implement a new rule or remove/edit an existing one, discuss with the other admins first. (Yes, I'm well aware that I violated that rule by posting these ones. =P)

A note on notes
There're are a couple of reasons I want people to ask to join via notes:
1). The main reason is administrative: it's easier to keep track of notes than comments.
2). Secondly, it's more noticeable.  It's not much of a problem at the moment, but should the club ever get noticed, if we're getting a lot of comments everyday any requests to join might go unseen.
3). Thirdly, the reply is more direct, and again more noticable as you are notified of the reply if it is sent as a note as opposed to a comment.
So unless any of the other admins have any strong objections, that's gonna be how it'll work.

Notice to admins:
Those are some basic rules I've just put in, if any of you have any suggestions or improvements, please leave comments.  Also, feel free to make any announcements, etc. by posting journal entries.

Submitting Deviations:
If you don't submit, this is just a pointless list ^_~
1) All the rules of the MoFo apply.
2) Please send us a note linking to your picture/poem/story/woodcut/goldfish etc and someone, somewhere will put it up.
3) They must be MoFo related. That means actually that they can be anything from Sonic to fan characters and the like. Just as long as those characters are actually in a way related to the MoFo (thus either appear in the forum one way or the other, are your alias or appear in an RPG).
4) Please, please, please, wait until someone has actually put up your picture/poem/story/woodcut/goldfish before sending another one x.x There are only four admins!
5) And another thing, let other people submit.

There are no competitions currently running. Why not send your ideas to us?



:iconfreakin-socrates: :iconsaz-chan: :iconj-man:

:iconalishashatogi: :iconaprilechidna: :iconthelemonpiper: :iconavelline: :iconbellevue-darkknight: :iconbffg: :iconcadysu: :iconcgcoast: :iconchaosx3: :iconchibibecca: :iconchickenfeet: :iconcpc: :iconcrimsondarkwolfe: :iconcykairus: :icondarknessbunnie: :icondark-raven123: :iconbiggyschmalz: :icondrpenguin: :iconemmychidna: :iconfexus: :iconfizzycat: :iconfootman: :icongotenkshedgehog: :icongreentigereyes: :iconhybridprojectalpha: :iconindigomoon: :iconjaffa-x: :iconjammerlee: :iconjamiru: :iconking-becker: :iconlukeweldon: :iconluxinvictus: :iconmedicman4444: :iconmike1204: :iconmilestailsprower-007: :iconneoncat: :iconneoyi: :iconngangbius: :iconnightingalerb: :iconnights-kitty: :iconone-tru-blu: :iconosirois: :iconpapirini: :iconpillarre: :iconpinkfairylotus: :iconpostbagboy: :iconraujinn: :iconraymieel: :iconreal-decimic: :iconrufus-kun: :iconsaffronic: :iconsakaki22: :iconsankon-kitsune: :iconsatails: :iconsento: :iconshadowednavi: :iconshadowmaster17: :iconshatteredcrystalice: :iconsketchysounds: :iconsilversword: :iconsonic840: :iconsonicxfan: :iconspeedythehedgehog: :iconspiner-storm: :iconspon: :iconstereophilia: :icontcmsonic: :iconthamior: :icontherealeggman: :iconths-: :icontigsie17: :icontobias-myth: :icontornadot: :iconturbocharge: :iconthe-gitz: :iconswirlything: :iconvioletwhirlwind: :iconzach-strife:

Creator: Nuchtos (ex-owner, ex-member)


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It's crazy that this place is still around. For those of us coming from, you become a member through "Send a note" at the top, not the comments. It's in the group's General Rules. I have no idea if any of the admins are still active or not though. (Troophead)
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