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In case you missed it: I changed my DA username.

I haven't posted anything here.. or most anywhere for a good while. My art name has changed, but I am still using the heart and crosses from the old signature.. it's just scribbled as an "M" now instead of just a heart.

I also decided that I would go through here and remove a good portion of my NSFW work from my gallery. It's not that I don't want to make or post NSFW anymore, I just want to post more classy stuff if and when I do.

I've been pretty active in the Furry Amino community lately. You can find me there right now as "Patina".

I've also made a new FA account. Nothing is posted there yet, and I still need to make an announcement post on my old account before I start purging there, too.

Currently working on the terms and info for a closed species! WOO!

-TLDR? Partly starting from scratch from everywhere with a new username. Im on furry Amino, and i have a closed species.
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