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Cant make a good image of your oc's cutie mark to save your life?

I am here to help! [ order form summary at bottom ]


I can work off of both attempted pics and/or descriptions
however, I do HIGHLY encourage at least a color pallet.

I can do canon-style.. ish? ive been practicing on it with regal's and saku's marks.

These commissions will be increments of 5$ based on simplicity.
I will decide on a scale based on marks I have made for myself in the past.

And ofc, ridiculously simple marks (that you could really just make yourself but are probably too lazy to do) will be free of charge (but only one per customer for this offer).


 :: Prices :: __
[ one order per customer, not including the simple mark freebie offer ]

examples of ridiculously simple marks that can be done for free:
:: Obsidia :: Heartstitch Cutie Mark ::

5$ ex: SakuCUTIE

10$ ex: New ponySona - Custom Color

15$ ex: Regal Blaze :: Moon Siblings

20$ ex: Ocean Sonatta (Sonya) [from my old account]

Want/Need a bulk order?
25$ for up to 3 marks.
[ Only ONE 20$-type can be included ]
[ this order will take a few days to complete ]


 :: Slots :: __

  1. --

  2. --

  3. --


** REMEMBER!! I do have a life offline, and that includes college!
I will send a sample image of the mark to you before ever completing a transaction.

 :: order form summary :: __

  • Canon style? [ yes / no ]

  • Mark description/picture link below.
    [ link here if pic or color pallet]
    [ Description here ]

When complete, pay here:
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currently cannot scan directly to my laptop - #causMAC

so follow my Tumblr for art updates!
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.: STREAM NIGHT : Now :.

well i had a little booboo

so now instead of working on the bunny girl, i will just be doing some doodles to pass the time.

join me for the next hour or two and ask me to doodle something!…

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♥   I'll be streaming all day today 

yay! view the stream agenda here o`A'o/

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Hey people! .. My beloved watchers!.. and any other person who might see this!

I am holding up a small set of slots on my FA for a free chibi art of one of your characters!

visit my FA journal for details! [link below]…


two slots are already filled! 6 more to go :D
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Follow me on tumblr for updates on character designs i might be changing or creating.

i also upload doodles and answer asks in drawings!
(i sometimes reblog some stuff too)
i still do not have my digipen back, so i am still drawing with papers.

when i do get it back, i will update on tumblr!
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Sooo~ i cosplayed as pinkie pie. i had a lolita style dress with white knee socks and some pinkie boots i painted myself. i claimed some ears after entering the convention.

my younger sister cosplayed (saturday) as Hange from Attack on Titan. we both got lots of pictures taken. i still have yet to find either of us up on DA or Tumblr XD

my sister was the only AOT cosplayer to go all out with her 3DMG (that we saw at least) and include the barrel and gas tanks. she did not cosplay Sunday.

met some amazing people at AWA and even was in a group selfie with Scott McNeil after the Voice Actors Round Table panel. i still have yet to find that picture too.

ALSO! i posted the pictures i took onto my tumblr!
i didnt take too many photos tho ^^"

Day 1, Saturday.

this day was filled with me going back and fourth from the dealers are to the front of the convention dropping off my sister and then picking her back up after her cosplay was complete.

i did go to some panels Saturday.. but i cant quite remember which ones. -pulls out my schedule book- Ah yes. my first panel after getting my badge, and meeting up with a friend of mine who was also there, was 3-minute anime. was decently amusing. 

i missed the Tatum signatures and met back up with my sister where we then went to the naruto fan panel. she and i both found it a bit boring save for the few laughes we got at the begining. i feel the sailor moon panel, at the same time, would have actually been better to go to (i am a fan of both ninjas and bishoujo senshi).

my sister and i then spent the next 15-20 minutes eating. my sister then wanted to go rest in the van with my mom, so i took her back to the front and i went to the dealers room to wait around for Papenbrook's autograph session. I helped out the girls in front of me get their third poster signed since i had only one thing i wanted signed.

i then wanderd the dealers room some more and sat around resting my feet for the SNK panel at 8:45 (my sister came back to the convention some time before then for the panel).

we then retired to the hotel for the night.

Day 2, Sunday.

i went to Face your feels. best panel ive been to.
so many attack on titan jokes flying around the panel hosts cause of the one jean cosplayer host.
my favorite was so unexpected. everyone burst out laughing. nearing the end of the panel, one of the hosts takes the mic and she says in a mid to fast speed, "I think we need to lighten the mood with a joke. A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, 'why the long face?' The horse replies, 'Marco's dead.'" - it was golden -

then i went to the vocaloid screening. halfway thru i was pretty much like "Fuck it" and i got up out of my third row seating so i could dance and sing. YOU ALL WERE PITIFUL!  got to hear Packaged and a song i felt i was the only one who knew about it cause i had JUST seen the video for it a few days prior, Freely Tomorrow ([link]) would have also liked to have heard Burenai ai de, but you take what you can get i guess.

hung around after and grabbed a row 2 isle seat for voice actors round table. was also much amaze. Tatum, McNeil, Mignogna, Papenbrook, and Leigh. I finally thought of a good question to ask (wont say cause i dun want it stolen) but i was a little late in the panel to possibly get a chance to ask it.

i was also able to get one of the 100 christmas CD's that Vic was handing out for free at the end of the panel. so that made me happy. the girl sitting directly in front of me got the first one directly from vic as he was explaining them.

After the panel ended, i went in search of my sister who was also in search of me. i ended up walking around the convention for a couple hours i think playing my music thru the speakers on my messenger bag.

OH! it was so funny. out of all the MLP cosplayers, at least one of each of the mane 6 ponies noticed me and i noticed them... except for the twili cosplayers. it was a "notice me senpai" moment for me.

i eventually sat down near the badge pick up area and played my Project Diva game. had a group of guys come up and kinda hover over me for a minute cause i was playing a PSP. i am guessing its an oddity for them to see a girl playing a PSP? would have probably even blown them away even more if i had been playing the FF12 Dissidia: Duodecim i had stashed in my PSP tote. they totally messed up my grove of the song i was playing though. 

my sister eventually found me and she told me about her ventures of trying to find me. i had forgotten to mention that i was going to be staying in the same panel room after the vocaloid screening, so she had been searching for me since noon.

we went home after a while of sitting.
i didnt like the way my pics were so big on my original layout.

so.. i changed it. now it's SO much easier to see my pics and stuff!!

would love to see some ask me questions come up~
don't care what its about. as long as as its interesting and appropriate. :3

i will always draw reply as well~

follow me~ :'D
Any and All adopts that i do not sell within a month or two (if they do not have a time limit) will be closed and moved to my Gaiaonline Mini Shop.

you can find me as Heartstitsh.
Heads up!!

For anyone heading over to dragoncon in Atlanta, GA, I will be attending over the weekend!!!
I will be going as Chibitalia in his white Outfit :meow:
I have been asked a few times if i do commissions..

Answer: Yes.

right now i only do point commishes and i dont really have a system set up yet.

So for now, if you want a commission:

Note me!!
it must be a good point offer (higher than 200 points at the least)

MUST HAVE REFERENCE IMAGES!! otherwise i wont do it :I

i will draw whatever type/style i feel like depending on the bribe.
everything will be colored.

No backgrounds.
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Hello everyone!
My artist name is Heartstitch.

I moved over from my old acocunt :iconrae-kitakaze: for a reason that is simple to explain but doesnt really need to be told to the public xD
if you WANT to know, then just note me.

i am not closing my old account mainly because i dont want to have to re-upload all the pics i have on there xD
BUT i will not be posting pictures to that account any more.
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  • Reading: Jane Eyre &amp; Wuthing Hights
  • Watching: Anime! and other TV
  • Playing: nothing now that i have a MAC D:
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