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Shifting Changelings Lies and Truths 022



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:icongraeystone:: Okay, so we confused a good chunk of people with the past few pages. Now I’m going to clear a lot of this up as best as I can without spoiling too much.

  1. What many readers said what may happen could happen concerning Derpy. (Keyword being ‘could’. Nothing is guaranteed)
  2. Chrysalis - She knows there is a One out there. She thinks its the Changeling (Derpy) she can’t mentally control. However she doesn’t know what shape the Changeling (Derpy) took.
  3. Luna - She knows she has an Apprentice yet doesn’t know who or where she is. Luna doesn’t know that what she felt is a connection between herself and a Changeling instead of herself and an Unicorn… which is ironic considering what Luna just said about keeping her Apprentice safe from the 'Unknown Changeling’.
  4. Derpy - Will be more stress piled onto her growing mountain of stress.

I hope that clears everything up.

:iconmoemneop:I’m finally done with my exam phase.. sorry for having you wait so long, but here is the next page. Here is a little recap of the previous 21 pages as a little reminder ;)

  • Luna watched nightmare about a Changeling living hidden among ponies in Equestria.
  • She doesn’t know that this Changeling is Derpy.. or disguised as Derpy.
  • Chrysalis feels this defective Changeling in her hive mind but can’t determine it’s location or disguise. She sees it as a possible rival queen and tasks her hidden spies to find it.
  • Celestia and Luna discuss this issue when Luna magically feels her apprentice.. As Chrysalis and Derpy do.

written by :icongraeystone:
drawn by :iconmoemneop:

This comic is available in multiple languages, including Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
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Just thought of something. Your wording doesn't make sence.
"FINDING my apprentice MAY PUT her IN danger."
Don't you mean the opposite? That the faster Luna finds her apprentice - the safer Derpy will be from bug horse?