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Shifting Changelings Lies and Truth 009

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Sorry about the drama that happened during the previous page. That mess really took away with what I want to say but enough of that.

I am looking for a 'proof reader' of sorts for a side project that I'm working for the comic. I am looking for someone who is good with biology that deals with how various life forms reproduce.
Just drop me a Note if you're interested. You will get Full Acknowledgement... and maybe a Llama if I didn't give you one already.

Its true that sometimes the reader's reaction isn't what the author(s) expected. This is so true in the last page. I had hoped the WHAM! moment was the Pony Changeling talking to the Real Pony. Never in a million years would I have guessed it ended up being the Changeling Flower that got all the attention. Oh well, it keeps things interesting.

One last thing - TVTropes pleeze!

First digitally sketched page of this comic. Not sure if you notice, but I think it looks much more dynamic this way ^^

Just for fun:
Did you know the SCLT-meme, that appeared a few months ago? ^^
like this, this one or that one? (just some of the safer ones :P)

written by :icongraeystone:
drawn by :iconmoemneop:

This comic is available in multiple languages, including Dutch, German, Spanish and Ukrainian.
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Why does Chrysalis want this changeling even? Why bother? What drama happened?
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Chrissie is a 'dictator', right? When has a dictator ever let one of their 'subjects' willingly and peacefully leave the country/kingdom? The only time such leaders let people go is when those people are considered 'undesirable'.
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In your story yes. But usually dictators don't go after other people unless they are really important or influential. I also don't think anyone feared her in her invasion so...
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Page 11 explains why Chrissie wants Derpy taken care of.
nioniosbbbb's avatar
She is detrimental to her overall plan? But... I mean she could just let the pony be. Derpy just wanted to live her life and it's clear she doesn't care about Queen Chrysalis.
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Chrissie doesn't know if Derpy can 'listen' into the Hive Mind without her(Chrissie) sensing it.
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She thinks she's a spy for the ponies?
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No. Its more like -
Chrissie - "Tomorrow we attack Canterlot."
Derpy - "I 'heard' Chrissie's plan to attack. I better tell somepony."

That's what Chrissie is afraid of.
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Well, you're going to have to pick a side to throw your lot in with now. You have well and truly feathered up your ability to live a quiet and unnoticed life.
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Quick run, the changeling police are here!
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moemneopHobbyist Digital Artist
It's no use, they're everywhere!
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This is cool and it looks like Chryssie found her.
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Chopsticks-PonyProfessional Digital Artist
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Thank you!
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I am looking for someone who is good with biology that deals with how various life forms reproduce.
where is it for my best friend is very interested in biology.
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
Also, nothing wrong with digital sketches! :D
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You cannot hide from Princess Luna. She will find you.
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The face on the last pic. Precious!
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Changeling Flower gets all the hype.
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The Changeling is actually 'low key' but unfortunately it took the form of a Prima Donna Dandelion. Its a flower that is somehow able to draw attention to itself.
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