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Comic: Shifting Changelings Lies & Truths

Comic: Shifting Changelings Lies & Truths

Princess Luna watched a nightmare. A nightmare about a changeling that seems to live hidden among other ponies for a long time...

Story by Graeystone, art by moemneop

New reader? >Start here<
The comic is available in these languages:
You can also read it on tumblr and on Canterlot Comics (including all translations)

Want to get more information on the comics background story? Here are some short stories:

Pain of FreedomAuthor's Note - This is one part of a series of short stories concerning the fan-comic Shifting Changelings Lies & Truth. These stories concern events(mostly past events) that are too big to cover in the comic. There is no chronological order to these stories. If you have not read the comic then please do so. Unless you read the comic these stories won't make much sense. Click here to read 'Shifting, Changelings, Lies & Truths'.

Pain! The sun began setting and the Changeling's head felt like exploding as unconsciousness gave way to an incredible pressure. Pain! Her vision returned and she saw the horrific killing field. Hundreds if not thousands of her fellow Changelings dead or dying. Their bodies evaporating into the air as a water puddle evaporates on a hot summer day and the air thick with the stench of death. Pain! The Changeli

Planned release dates

I usually post pages on Fridays or Saturdays each 2-3 weeks

These dates might change:
Page 48: late January
Page 49: mid February

Who is Lukida?

Who is Lukida?

I guess you already noticed my little bat pony Lukida. They say a picture says more than a thousand words, but I can barely describe her in just a few drawings >.<

It's not the fact that she's a bat that makes her interesting but the way she grew up. Somewhere south of Equestria, hidden near the mountains ar Leota forest is a tiny secluded bat pony village, hiding from dangerous creatures (mainly gryphons) for centuries. It's no surprise she only knows other pony races from tales.. until she watched a pegasus flying over her village one day. Her curiosity grew until she decided to leave her safe village to discover that land of the day ponies...

This is just a short overview about her story. I try to tell some parts of it in my pictures, I wish I could even make a full length comic about it ^^

You can read these short comic strips until then ;)
What do batponies sing about? by moemneop Reekeekee by moemneop Lukida's story by moemneop Why we don't have pets by moemneop

Statistic 2018: I wonder about the age distribution of my watchers ;) Are you... 

69 deviants said 20-22
62 deviants said 25-29
45 deviants said 17-19
35 deviants said 30-34
22 deviants said 23-24
21 deviants said 15-16
18 deviants said 35-39
13 deviants said younger than 15
6 deviants said 50 or older
5 deviants said 40-49



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About me

Hey, I'm Neop,

welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I love drawing cute cartoon horses and comics about them.

My main project right now is Shifting Changelings Lies & Truths, a comic written by Graeystone about a Changeling trying to fit in pony society. Aside from that I often draw fun little pictures and occasionally a comic strip about my batpony Lukida and her friends (I wish I could make it a full-length story comic...). Take a look at my gallery, I hope you like it!

Links and social media
Tumblr art blog: Everything you get here plus some extras like sketches and asks.
Tumblr blog of Shifting Changelings

Picarto I do art streams every now and then.. Watch and chat with me if you like :D I don't announce most of my streams, so consider following me there ;P

Furaffinity: My non-pony art.
Twitter: Not sure what to do there.

Want to get in contact? Just send me a message, I don't bite (that's Lukida's job) ^^

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I pronounce your name and what does it mean?
Just call me Neop and pronounce it like a word of you language ^.^
moemneop is just a nonsensican combination of Möm -> moem and neop <- noep <- nöp <- nö (meaning nope).
There is no right or wrong way to pronounce that. I pronounce like a German word 'Mömneop' [mømneːɔp] xD

Is Lukida your ponysona?
Nope. While Lukida is my oldest, most developed and favorite OC she only represents me to some degree. My actual ponysona is that brownish unicorn.

Do you do commissions?
Commissions?Since I get asked occasionally I think I can as well try to do it publicly.
I will try to keep this journal updated until I find a better system.
Please note that my prices and conditions are work in progress and might change, especially once I improve my drawing skills.
The prices are in Euro!
Don't forget the exchange rate to your currency.

Last update: 12th January 2019, updated prices to better match my effort
Commission status: Closed until 2019!

About my styles:
The only difference between rough and clean style is the lineart (see the example lines in the commission sheet).
The rough pen enables me to finish drawings quicker while the clean pen requires a lot of work to get the result as perfect as possible. The shading is basically the same in both styles, but I might apply some new techniques to the clean style.
The difference between both styles will not be noticable if you sca

What about Requests?
Only for friends.

Art trades?
Maybe. It depends on several factors like whether I got time for it and whether I like your art style. You have a good chance if I'm watching you already.

Any other question? Feel free to send me a comment or note :la:


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