Big Feature IV Bee-Eater, King Fishers and Rollers

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Bee-Eaters, King Fishers & Rollers

This tree birds species have awesome colors and are capable of many feats. I never had the opportunity to see one of this three species very closely and I hope to have one day. :)

they are from the same order (who consititued by six families which king fishers, bee eaters and rollers) more on wikipedia: fr :…, en :…
thanks to *bogdanboev



Carmine Bee-Eaters and Buffaloes by mpoliza European Bee-Eater by noelholland abejaruco by l1ster:thumb104236527:
:thumb98395771: 0357 by CytochromeP450
:thumb128729551: Merops apiaster - Bee-eater by uzuncan One more bee eater by Dtomi84 Red Eyes by RaphaelTM
Que te como... by l1ster Abejaruco cabreado by l1ster Blue-Breasted Bee-Eater by Siamese82 YELLOW GREEN by dogansoysal
Nature's painting by thrumyeye Bee Eaters II by ClaudeG Bee Eater by ClaudeG Butterfly 4 U by RoieG
:thumb121342174: Rainbow by GeraldWinslow THE END.. by VolkanAkgul Angry bee-eater by darklightphotography
Blue-Throated Bee Eater 01 by garion:thumb43351252: European Bee Eater by BogdanBoev Mr. Evil by BogdanBoev

King Fishers

:thumb133784343: Kingfisher II by l1ster Common Kingfisher 3 by ahmedalali
A good fisherman 3 by Ptimac Alcedo atthis by q-118:thumb140675044::thumb139832400:
:thumb112000938: Its a waiting game by MessiahKhan The king of fishermen by MessiahKhan Belted Kingfisher by Ryser915
TADA by RoieG Kingfisher by Swordtemper Breaking The Waves by gilad Malachite Kingfisher-Juvenile by MrStickman
Malachite Reflection by MrStickman:thumb25598418: Ready...Set...Go by BogdanBoev Branch fashion by BogdanBoev
female Kingfisher by MartinAmm:thumb43192999::thumb39086967: Wild lunch by allonkira
Jewel of the Forest II by garion Kingfisher by cycoze This Way by Alex-dan Eurasian Kingfisher by webcruiser


Racket-tailed Roller by robbobert Lilac-breasted Roller I by Foxfire-Z Coracias garrulus by uzuncan LILAC BREASTED ROLLER by dogansoysal
Lilacbreasted Roller by Suppi-lu-liuma Roller by BlueTreesGreenSkies Wing Inspection by redmanticore RAINBOW... by dogansoysal
roller on the lookout by leachypip A rainbow on a branch by david-grimardias roller near the nest hole by nakitez European Roller by Mateuszkowalski
Lilac Roller by noelholland LBR Takeoff by MrStickman High Roller by GeraldWinslow Indian roller by 00Tiger00
:thumb88535352: Fluffy by BogdanBoev

3 in 1 by BogdanBoev


trace by moem-photography

Awesome Photographers




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Foxfire-Z's avatar
Thank you for the feature! Very much appreciated. :)
Craig-Miller's avatar
Thank you very much the feature!
darklightphotography's avatar
Thanks for including my shot here. It's an awesome collection to be included in. It's got me inspired to post a couple of Lilac-breasted roller shots I have hidden away somewhere.
moem-photography's avatar
you're welcome !! :)
cycoze's avatar
Thank you very much for including one of my images in such a fantastic feature, so many beautiful photos!
Gary-G-09's avatar
awesome photos, and a huge wow factor :)thanks for sharing, brilliant!
BogdanBoev's avatar
This magnificent bird are from Coraciiformes female
Good selection!
moem-photography's avatar
thanks i will update my journal with your informations :)
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