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The WolfMan... In Clay

By moefoe
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Hahah,... yo people. If you guys remember my drawing of the WolfMan,.. (its in my gallery,.. kinda my earlier workpieces..)
This is the clay '3D' version.

How i wish i could really model it in 3D,... but well,.. clay is still ok.. haha..
Well,.. thanks to my lecturer in NYP,.. Mr. Calvin Tan,.. He took a picture of my model.. hehe...
It took about 2 weeks to complete it.. The killer part is to do the fur effect.. Kills me!.. ARGH!!.. hahahah

Well, enjoy everyone.... Hope ya like it... hehehe
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May 12, 2004, 11:26:02 AM
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It looks like a combination of the wolfman and the mummy. Like the Wolfmummy! ^^
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very creative..
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I was expecting this to be a DD.
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what kind of clay ???
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Holy hell, nice job. What brand of clay is this? And was this baked or room temperature curing?
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Great job! I love the details and its expression, very well done :D!!
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fantasmical detail! :)
what type of clay do you use?
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That's wicked. I love the cloth effect on it. Looks so good. How high does that thing stand?
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Hey man.. I'm SO SORRY, been away from Deviant for far toooooo long.

I can't recall the 'clay'. sorry on that.. but I can tell ya, the thing stands with a structure in it.

DAMN! I've forgotten all the terms for it! hahaha.. way tooo long bro!
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that's great, i love the details *_*
hey, tell me something. does glay ever get.. really HARD/dry? because i heard its ever lasting scukpting stuff you know >.o [hope i made my point...almost clear?]
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cool! very nice! ^^
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Neat sculpture,
How you create detail like that using clay?
I have just sculpted a character I designed and the bloody head fell off!
Its not easy is it Lol:jarksaber:
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You need a sharp edged tool... imagine a Needle, about the length of your palm and about 0.5cm to 1cm in diameter. That tool helped me alot.. Just that and I can create wonderful details. Hehe..

Yeah,.. and ultimately.. the tool you must have at all times..... PATIENCE.


P.S.- Sorry to hear about your sculpture's head. You need an armature to hold the head up!
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Cheers for advice.
This is the character who’s head fell off, but fixed it laugh.
I did not have any tools for the clay. I used wire and a sharp scalpel to sculpt the clay, this seamed to work for me.
Will invest in some as I need to produce more characters. :eyepopping:
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dude! this is freakin awesome!!!! i whish my things that i turned into scluptures could turn out this good! the fur is amazing too!
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Lol.. thank you. Do your best!!
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Wow, excellent! The bandage thing on him look great! Very nice head too, it's always the most difficult part in the design of a werewolf.
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well done man. One critical comment if you want it, or else stop reading now. His eyes doesnt look like the are round, and if they were they would be huge, crashing into eachother inside his skull. Smaller eyes would suit his design better too I reckon. Hope that helped :)
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Any comments help man.. hehe. Thanks!
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