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This journal entry will be used to promote other deviants and will be updated once every while. It will also be pushed off the main page by other journals (should I ever write some), but fear not, updates trigger devWATCH notifications.

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This guy's getting far less attention than he deserves. Being 'only' 17 does not keep him from striving to improve and to learn, the most important qualities of man in my opinion. Check him out because he has got The Eye™.


Living in Istanbul, claiming to be 'blank', but all the while shooting film and producing quite intriguing photographs.
My devWATCH is filled with her deviations, and I lack words to comment. Merve, if you read this, I'm sorry for not commenting more, I just don't want to say something meaningless like 'omginstaplusfav'. Rest assured that I'm looking at every submission of yours, and never cease to be amazed.

Writer and Professional British Person

Chris Widdison (literatus extraordinaire) set out to bring all facettes of the great English language back to light. He also pretends to study law, but it's fairly certain he is only using that as an excuse to spend more time without doing real work so he can concentrate on writing more.
Feel his "hammer of emotion" now, I command thee!

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I'm your bitch :w00t: