Of Magic Monkeys (Update 6)

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New GreaseMonkey distribution without pre-installed scripts! Users have been reporting troubles with one of the GreaseMonkey default scripts changing all underline tags to emphasis tags. I have finished a distribution of GreaseMonkey that does not install any default scripts: [site] [xpi]. Users are advised to uninstall other versions before installing this one.
Firefox users: New GreaseMonkey version 0.2.1 starts running user scripts as soon as the DOM is loaded, not only when the page has completed loading. That means near-instantaneous Devious Thumbs, Toggle All By Deviant, and EasyReply goodness!

Congregative Cavity adds that bit of political correctness you've all been missing. Or maybe not. ;)

Devious Thumbs adds a thumbnail of the deviation next to the Devious Thoughts comment field on deviation pages. Tested on Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and Internet Explorer 6.
New: Added loading animation.

Toggle All By Deviant adds checkboxes to the deviantWATCH page that allow you to toggle the checkboxes of all deviations by one deviant. Tested on Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla Suite, Opera 7 and Internet Explorer 6.
Subscribers only.

Love Me True contest: 400 watchers max, only original submissions, ends Feb 16th

Skin contest: 25,000 page views max, only original submissions, ends Feb 10th

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The next meeting is being planned for February 12th, 2005. Currently, Mainz is the proposed place.
Das nächste Treffen wird für den 12. Februar 2005 geplant. Momentan ist Mainz als Ort vorgeschlagen.

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So much to do, so little time. Progress on most projects has slowed down to some extent. On the other hand, we also stopped breaking dAmn, which isn't so bad. Look at the Project Wiki if you want to join the frenzy.

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I'm one of those who filed a HelpDesk request about underlining turning into italics, not realising that it came from GreaseMonkey. The answer was clear and to the point, and I had no problem thereafter.

I find it a good idea to have GreaseMonkey available without any preinstalled scripts; however, AFAICT, once the original GreaseMonkey has been installed and its preinstalled scripts disabled (or not, but knowingly), there is no reason (other than a version upgrade, which in my case was not necessary) to replace it by plainGreaseMonkey. OTOH, other than the need for two restarts of FF and some user time, it doesn't harm either. Even the already-loaded scripts (such as Devious Thumbs, EasyReply, ...) are not lost. Very neat.

Many thanks for those added bits of software you made. I like them a lot. :)