Of Magic Monkeys (Update 6)

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Deviation Actions

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New GreaseMonkey distribution without pre-installed scripts! Users have been reporting troubles with one of the GreaseMonkey default scripts changing all underline tags to emphasis tags. I have finished a distribution of GreaseMonkey that does not install any default scripts: [site] [xpi]. Users are advised to uninstall other versions before installing this one.
Firefox users: New GreaseMonkey version 0.2.1 starts running user scripts as soon as the DOM is loaded, not only when the page has completed loading. That means near-instantaneous Devious Thumbs, Toggle All By Deviant, and EasyReply goodness!

Congregative Cavity adds that bit of political correctness you've all been missing. Or maybe not. ;)

Devious Thumbs adds a thumbnail of the deviation next to the Devious Thoughts comment field on deviation pages. Tested on Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and Internet Explorer 6.
New: Added loading animation.

Toggle All By Deviant adds checkboxes to the deviantWATCH page that allow you to toggle the checkboxes of all deviations by one deviant. Tested on Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla Suite, Opera 7 and Internet Explorer 6.
Subscribers only.

Love Me True contest: 400 watchers max, only original submissions, ends Feb 16th

Skin contest: 25,000 page views max, only original submissions, ends Feb 10th

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The next meeting is being planned for February 12th, 2005. Currently, Mainz is the proposed place.
Das nächste Treffen wird für den 12. Februar 2005 geplant. Momentan ist Mainz als Ort vorgeschlagen.

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So much to do, so little time. Progress on most projects has slowed down to some extent. On the other hand, we also stopped breaking dAmn, which isn't so bad. Look at the Project Wiki if you want to join the frenzy.

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I'm one of those who filed a HelpDesk request about underlining turning into italics, not realising that it came from GreaseMonkey. The answer was clear and to the point, and I had no problem thereafter.

I find it a good idea to have GreaseMonkey available without any preinstalled scripts; however, AFAICT, once the original GreaseMonkey has been installed and its preinstalled scripts disabled (or not, but knowingly), there is no reason (other than a version upgrade, which in my case was not necessary) to replace it by plainGreaseMonkey. OTOH, other than the need for two restarts of FF and some user time, it doesn't harm either. Even the already-loaded scripts (such as Devious Thumbs, EasyReply, ...) are not lost. Very neat.

Many thanks for those added bits of software you made. I like them a lot. :)
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I found the Greasemonkey installation poorly documented, and it was not made clear that there were scripts shipped with it, nor what they do. So in order to avoid confusion, I'm offering Greasemonkey-plain until there's a new Greasemonkey release and package (which is planned, I brought it up on the mailing list). The most important point currently is to avoid having Gm labelled as a problem :)
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The most important point currently is to avoid having Gm labelled as a problem
I agree. Though maybe the "installation notes" for Greasemonkey-plain could make it clear that users who already have the corresponding version of Greasemonkey(classic) need not go through the uninstall/reinstall rigmarole? Disabling the default scripts (either via Tools -> Manage scripts or via Extensions -> GreaseMonkey -> Options) is enough, isn't it?

BTW, and since I have you "on the line", so to speak, it seems Greasemonkey (unlike EasyReply or DeviousThumbs) doesn't work with IE, so to use those other two, they must be re-triggered manually whenever a new page si loaded? (I sent you a note earlier today, with a copy of IE's error popup.)
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Yes, Greasemonkey is a Firefox-only extension. I have been pondering some solutions for Internet Explorer, but at the end of the day, they require much more configuration work, and I'm not sure a) whether people could use it without problems and b) whether I should support IE, since it's so horribly, horribly broken. Migration to Firefox is quite simple.

Disabling the default scripts (or uninstalling them) is basically the same thing as installing Greasemonkey-plain. It's only a temporary solution anyway - the next Gm version will most likely have more docs, and scripts pre-shipped as disabled.
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Oh, and when there's no preview (think lit), the loading animation never stops.

It never stops! GOD MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!
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I'm quite sure that worked before. Might just be the 200px thumbs having issues again?
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Actually, it ended up working again after some time. Some placement issues (i.e. generic lit thumbnail poked out beyond the lower border of the thumbnail div), but they, too, were not reproducable, so that's nothing to worry about.

You know what else would be cool? The option to have the full size version of the picture displayed on hovering over the thumb (for quick detail reference while writing a comment). But that might be too much work, of course.
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I thought about it, but I think it would be overkill. If you really need to look that closely again, scrolling works (Home/End).
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True, probably.

You could also display the goatse man on hover. Just a thought.
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That would be easy and effective.
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You might want to link the dA hacks on the frontpage of moeffju.net. I tried getting there by remembering moeffju.net, but nada.
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There, I lumped it all together with the CSS mod. deviantART.com, sane again.
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Ye, I should do that. If I remember. :)
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Here, have a lituaisches Gesangs und Gebetsbuch:

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Left way, only one cross each.
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Magic monkies! :excited:

But wicked stuff :aww:
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After I loaded it I started getting errors on other web pages, and Firefox started crashing a lot. Have you had other reports of this? If not I'll assume it was one of the extentions I downloaded. I just wanted to know if I should try again.
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I haven't heard about any crashes with the GreaseMonkey extension. User scripts should never, ever, cause crashes, since they are completely separate from the browser UI. Also, GreaseMonkey limits them to defined locations, so it should never run outside of deviantART anyway. Maybe some other extension, faulty RAM, etc.?
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Ok, thanks. Then it's probably one of the 20 extentions I decided to dl at the same time (I got a little excited my first time in the extentions section on the Mozilla site), or a conflict with the DA 'skin' I'm using. If I have problems when I add GreaseMonkey again, I do it methodically to see if I can reproduce anything. Thanks for the reply.
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the thumb thingmajig doesn't want to load, and it's on top of the comment box rather than next to it :fear: But it's looking like a very neat thing :nod: And thank you for the devWatch edit - very useful :)
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I've been getting reports that the thumb doesn't float right, but so far I had no luck reproducing it.
Is your Devious Thoughts block as wide as your browser window, or only about 80% wide?
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The thumbnails show now!

it's as wide as it used to be so it fits the rest of the "deviation table" (fullview mode) but there's an extra scroll, which looks like it ads the thumbnail width. [link] <-- screenshot.

*scratches head* I can't write Jscript, and it makes little sense when I try to read it. It replaces a bit of the CSS, right...?
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