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With the removal of inactive admins, we need new ones to keep the group functional!
If interested please send a GROUP note telling us a bit about yourself.
(Any notes sent to me personally may end up being deleted)

-A bit about you
-How much time do you have to help with submissions?
-Why do you think you would benefit the group?

We will look through applications and choose new staff members!
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AristMenMie Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018
                                                  S T A R C H I L D Goth Shooting Star (Right)Hey! Goth Shooting Star S T A R C H I L D
                                          [Bunny Emote] Love                                    (hope i'm not late~!)                        [Bunny Emote] Love 
                                                                Divider rainbow-comet left I will so much like to apply!  Divider rainbow-comet right                                                                     I will love to be in the group and help others! well, i'm an very friendly person and will always keep in touch with the group!
I will try my best to keep up..i'm not kind of that artist but i got a lot of scolding cuz i draw everything cute instead of it being real ( > . < )

My school's going on but i will try to keep here!

I will try to help and thank chu~ ( o w o )
The-Odd-Fox-King Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
(Hope I'm not too late)
I'm active at least 11 or so hours during weekdays and 5 or so on weekends! I would like to help you with your, because it seems like a nice thing to do, and I have too much free time. Ah, and as for posting art, at the moment I can't due to the loss of my drawing tablet, but as soon as I get it, I can post art as often as needed. Why you should pick me? Because I have the time, I'm currently a admin in another group, so I have experience and I'm very much a people person ^~^ 
Thank you for letting me try, please consider~!
dearest-one Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
omg am I too late for this?? :00 
BlackLenore Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
hy i would like to apply to help ( o v o )
well, im an analytical person, with a strong critical sense for art and quite selective ( > v < )''
im quite calm and i like to help in what i can, initially im shy but with time i get pretty chatty XD

i have free time and visit DA 1 or 2 times a week ( o v < )

As i said, i have a critical sense for art and i like to help in what i can, obviously i will always keep in touch with the team of the group to keep things in order :meow:
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