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Hey guys, Omni-Anomaly here,

As a lot of you know, some psychotic A-hole burnt down one of KyoAni's studios. Reasons are still unclear but from what I've read, the reasons were stupid and childish. There were approximately 70 people inside the building whenever this sick man in his 40's decided to douse the facility with some highly flammable liquid and set it ablaze and killing at least 33 people. 33 people with families and friends. My heart goes out to those who are victims in this tragedy and the fans. I can't fathom how something like this can happen. An anime studio out of all things.  

Kyoto Animations is responsible for some of the popular anime out there such as:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Lucky Star
Clannad & Clannad After Story
Kanon My personal favorite
A Silent Voice
Violet Evergarden
Sound! Euphonium
Amagi Brilliant Park

And the list goes on...

I grew up watching a lot of their anime. Loved every single one of them and it breaks my heart to know that some monster decided to destroy them.  They really knew how to portray the art of "Moe" (hence I feel that this journal entry would be relevant for the group)

In this dark times for my favorite anime studio, a localizing/licensing company, Sentai Filmworks, has created a gofundme campaign to help KyoAni and it's victims during this time of tragedy.

If you can, please, I implore you to donate whatever you can to help the people who brought out some of the best anime and art to this world. It's fine if you cant. But the least you could do is spread the word.

--->… <---


Below is a little feature of artists who've contributed some art for this tragedy.  If you would like for your #prayforkyoani art featured here, don't hesitate and send me a note. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in silence...

KyoAni Tribute by Kurama-chan Help Kyoani Heal by anonamos701 Pray for KyoAni by LazyRemnant #KyoAniStrong by ChosenMii Pray for KyoAni by DeathZo KyoAni by twirlyful KyoAni by concretecrow For Kyoani by Tsunesama KyoAni Tribute by acrylic-stroke KyoAni Fight on! by Robusta-Mania Kumiko Oumae Pray For KyoAni by VZMk2 Pray For Kyoani by Ildnor help KyoAni Heal by caitseywwww Haruhi Suzumiya. Kyoani tribute. by VozGris Pray For KyoAni by ChaoticFeline Pray For Kyoto Animation by MantisShrimpp Everything will be Daijoubu by ZeroRespect-BOT #PrayForKyoani by tentaiapostle Pray For Kyoani by antena758 #PrayForKyoani by TheGamingCentaur #prayforkyoani by Dizzy-and-Sleepy PrayForKyoani by Maka-Nani Pray for Kyoani by JJSponge120 Stay strong KyoAni by Buruzaitama Pray for Kyo Ani by RicoDoodle Kyoani by moazu Pray For KyoAni by AfroOtaku917
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