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Super Metroid HD

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Though I generally default to doing remixes of SEGA properties, metroid does hold a special place in my heart. For the game's 25th anniversary, I completed something I'd wanted to do for a while: A high-resolution take on the iconic Super Metroid title screen. I've tried to recreate some of the feel of the game's concept artwork in the process. Created using photoshop and a wacom digitizer.
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Very nice recreation painting of the title screen. It's funny how as a kid, I never noticed those were dead bodies on the ground of the scientists. (Complete with red pixel blood too, making it one of the few rare E-rated games to feature blood.)
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The last Metroid is captivity. The galaxy is at peace...
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It always amazed me that the space station looked so clean after an attack by Ridley.
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CodyLabsHobbyist Traditional Artist
He didn't want to trigger the self-destruct until he was good and finished.
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This is classic
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Is it OK if I use this and your other version in an animation I'm making?
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Just Great, best game ever
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SquidMantisHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Very nice!
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They really should do a remake of SM...and use this for the title screen.
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MjolnirSmashHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GuspoStudent General Artist
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This is so well done! It is incredible, it looks like official art!
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Drawinger31Hobbyist General Artist
I love the remake of the Super Metroid you have done. It's dark but beautiful. Excellent job and great effort on the design of the lab. But I love the Baby Metroid even better. :)
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TC1101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I use your great Wallpaper as Thumbnail for my Super Metroid Let's Play?
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hey man is it cool with u if i use this as a custom thumbnail on my lets play channel i'll credit u for the pic
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fantastic =D
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omegalifeHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely great 8D
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Infant Metroid: Is anybody gonna get up and help me out of here?... Anybody...?

*Ridley flies into the room*

Infant Metroid: OH SHI---*is snatched by Ridley*
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Inso-ChanHobbyist General Artist
Hello new wallpaper! ^_^
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That is cool.
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AriannaTheKeybearerHobbyist Traditional Artist
They NEED to do this for the 3DS, even if its not good graphics, just good enough to be hi def for a side scroller, I want to play this game, it looks awesome.. *.*
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Maridia99 General Artist
Perfect beauty. The opening to Super Metroid still gives me chills. And then it widens to the title screen and- Wowwww :wow: Your take on that screen shot is too amazing! ;)
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love it.....
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if only this would happen :(
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