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I didn’t need anything more than a functioning brain (most people don’t have one of those so soon after waking up, so it did take a moment or two) to realize that my breasts had grown overnight. Well, to say that they just “grew” would be an understatement; a more accurate statement would be that within the span of eight hours of sleep, my breasts, almost the size of tangerines when I last checked, managed to grow to a size that would force a pair of footballs to make a run for their money.
I looked in my bedroom mirror. There wasn’t a person there. Just a monster. When I looked at it in disgust, the monster looked straight back at me, just as disgusted as I was.

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What happened with this guy, trevor? If I don't like some stuff... I just don't enter, even more, never comment it... Anyway, Thanks for your comments! I will do more or less the same story, with new situations, and maybe new end. Hope you like it!
yamibanner's avatar
No problem, dont mind that Trevor guy. Hes probably a 14 year old trying to be edgy.
Keep up the good work, Moduloks.
yamibanner's avatar
Aww, its not she has MOAR big fatter tentacles to get in the way. hue
xcesskinavira's avatar
Keep'em coming, mod!
More than awesome. I wonder if Mod will make changes to the original story.
I agree with "TheFwank" I know this story will be awesome. ^^
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Fuck the haters, this is awesome. I'm loving seeing these with story finally. :)
what the fuck is wrong with you?
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Welcome to the internet, Mr. I've-been-here-an-hour.
we should leave before we get kidnapped or something
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Nah, I've gone native.  Trust me, there's no shaming these people. Just sit back and laugh or cry as each gallery compels you, but there's nothing to be gained from freaking out about it. :P
we are giving this fool too many comments as it is
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